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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tangible Distortion, Psychological/Physiological Affliction, or actual Alien Encounter?

Stefan Michalak, a mechanic by trade and amateur prospector, who died in 1999, came across a cigar-shaped craft while on a weekend prospecting jaunt near Falcon Lake, which lies between Manitoba and Ontario, Canada; this on May 19th, 1967.

Click HERE for an excellent précis of the encounter.

Mr. Michalak, as the story, presented in the link tells, was burned by some kind of exhaust that emanated from the craft he chanced upon:


According to Jose Caravaca’s developing hypothesis, dubbed Distortion, Mr. Michalak was intersecting with a presence that co-mingled its imagery with Michalak’s to provide a scenario, for reasons not clear, but palpable.

However, would Señor Caravaca’s scenario create something as palpable as severe burns which eventually produced nausea and illness that resembled radiation poisoning?

Or did Mr. Michalak create his burns by psychological inducement, much like those who create stigmata out of their religious fervor?

Or do we need to concede that Mr. Michalak confronted a flying machine that was either a military prototype or a craft from another world or universe?

Here’s Mr. Michalak’s drawing of the machine he came across:


A reading of Mr. Michalak’s account and the follow-ups by UFO researchers and mavens indicates to me that Mr. Michalak wasn’t faking his encounter or producing a hoax.

His background and subsequent illness mitigate against a fraud.

If he created his stigmata-like burns marks from a psychological or mental thrust, we would have a new category of psychiatric etiologies.

If he was the recipient of a Distortion scenario, the instigators were a little harsh in their instigation of the “drama” – not an impossibility, but a bizarre encroachment on reality as we know it.

My feeling is that Mr. Michalak met up with a tangible machine, and suffered physical and mental trauma afterward.

The question is what was the origin of the machine?

Your take(s)?