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Friday, February 03, 2012

Nick Redfern on George Adamski -- an occult connection?

Nick Redfern is interested in the occult element in the UFO panoply and his book Final Events delved into the matter extensively.

Now Nick has implicated George Adamski, via his Inside the Space Ships co-author Desmond Leslie, in the occult.

George Adamski's wild tales shouldn't, I think, be dismissed as they readily are and have been by ufology. There's more there than meets the eye.

Nick, by co-habiting the occult with Adamski, and others, does a disservice to the UFO phenomenon I believe, cluttering it with a paranormal overlay that merely confuses the topic.

But Nick is no slouch when it comes to supporting his theses, and you can read his take on Adamski and Leslie by clicking HERE.


Thursday, February 02, 2012

Spain's Phoenix Lights

Jose Caravaca leaves aside his Distortion Theory to provide information about strange lights that appeared over Spanish territory in 1997 before the Phoenix Lights episode(s) here in the U.S.

Click HERE to read how Senor Caravaca's research group investigated Spain's Phoenix Lights.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What UFO species should we be studying?

We have a slight dilemma here, and it’s this…

Some of our rabid visitors wish to pursue, forever, the Roswell incident. (We don’t.)


Some like Alien Abduction stories. (We don’t.)


Some like archived anomalies seen in the sky. (We don’t.)


UFO lights in the night sky or shiny UFOs in the daytime sky have fans.


Encounters with strange beings or weird aircraft are popular fare for some.


Some believe that UFOs are a psychological operation (or psy-op) of governments and/or military constructs.


And then there are those who think the whole UFO phenomenon (or phenomena) is a neurological or psychological aberration, reconstructed from mass media imagery.


Thus we have a fragmented topic that needs, we keep writing, specialization or a division stratification not unlike that in biological classifications: phylum (or phyla), genus, species, et cetera.

We’d be interested to know what UFO category is your favorite, or the one that you think needs the most attention.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Face on Mars

A little back-and-forth with Nick Redfern about comic book artist Jack Kirby (The Fanatstic Four et cetera) and his 1958 "prescient" comic book entry The Face of Mars, which the Above Top Secret site also took a look at, forced me to remind Nick that the movie Rocketship XM (1950) was the intigator of the Face on Mars and the idea that a once-advanced civilization existed there.


Nick brought up the Viewmaster series and Tom Corbett, Space Ranger TV show as sources for The Face....

But it was the 1950 film from which The Face on Mars derives, even for Richard Hoagland's (1996) The Monuments of Mars — A City on the Edge of Forever.

Try to find the film, and get a whiff of where the idea for life on Mars originated.


Nick Redfern on Jack Parsons

Jack Parsons is pictured above.

Nick Redfern, and others, find Mr. Parsons to be integral to the UFO history.

Click HERE to read Nick's take on the mysterious (and weird?) Jack Parsons.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Fantastic Four plus Two?

One of the RRRGroup contributors sent us an e-mail listing six UFO sightings (but mistakenly noting "seven") that he thinks are....well here's his e-mail opening:

Cash Landrum is part of what I call the Fantastic Seven. Seven specific UFO incidents that are of extreme interest:

1) Roswell
2) Bentwaters/Rendlesham
4) Kecksburg
5) Wanaque
6) Shag Harbor
7) Cash/Landrum

I think these sightings are UFO swill [sic]!

But what do you think?

N.B. Visitors saw that our contributor left off number three so I reworked the posting, as I couldn't get a reply about the missing Number 3.)


NIck Redfern inadvertently abets The Distortion Theory?

Nick Redfern provides grist, sort of, for Jose Caravaca's UFO encounter hypothesis: The Distortion Theory.

Click HERE to see Mr. Redfern's addition to the UFO entities scenario

Sunday, January 29, 2012

UFOs: Distortion and/or Insanity?

Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc.


While some us think that UFO encounters – not UFO sightings per se – may be hallucinatory in essence, others (Jose Caravaca, Jacques Vallee, and some visitors here) believe that witnesses to UFO or UFO-like landings and encounters are dealing with real tangible or near-tangible events.

Who or what creates those “events” is up for grabs – some saying the “who” are extraterrestrials and others (Caravaca and Vallee) thinking the who or what is something a bit more esoteric than ETs.

My contention that mental aberrations account for some if not all of the events is questionable by virtue of what one finds when they look for aberrational images from those who can be said to be on the cusp of insanity or actually insane.

That is, if one examines the output -- writings, drawings, art and other “creative” outpourings by those adjudicated by psychiatry or commonsense to be off kilter mentally – one can only conclude that those who’ve reported UFO encounters are not mentally incapacitated in the same way as those who are permanently hallucinatory.

However, one can make the case for temporary insanity, but that seems, to me, to be a stretch too.

I think that UFO encounters may be exactly what they appear to be: interactions between something absolutely bizarre, maybe even other-worldly, and normal human beings.

For example, here are drawings and art work by people on the fringe of reality, mentally.

These images come from these two books:



(And one can find many more examples of hallucinatory art via a Google search using “outsider art” as the search criterion.)

The images:










Now here are some paintings by Henri Rousseau, who wasn’t insane, surely, but had an immature, naïve imagination when it came to his artistic output:




Would someone, with a similar mental make-up, have visions that made him or her think they had an other-worldly encounter?

Perhaps. That angle might be profitably pursued.

There was one drawing, by a six-year-old, Sasha Powers of Truro, Massachusetts, that I find interesting:


That is not outsider art but, rather, an example of some imagery that influenced this child, or a recounting of something she experienced perhaps.

But, all-in-all, one has to consider that UFO encounters differ significantly, from the images of those who have aberrant mental conditions, and therefore UFO encounters need to be taken at face value rather than be evaluated psychologically or neurologically.

I hate that that may be so, but mental quirks don’t seem to apply, at least not in the psychotic arena.

But there is the possibility that something else, besides a total mental break-down, is at work, something less than paranoia but something not quite right either – something that only a few experience while the whole of mankind doesn’t.

What that mechanism is may be Caravaca’s Distortion explanation, but why distortion at all?

It doesn’t make sense, logically, aberrantly, or in any other way….so far.