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Sunday, February 05, 2012

ETs stalking primitive tribesmen?

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In a cave, Tan Zoumaitak, at Tassili in Ajjer, part of the Algerian Sahara, are drawings by primitive peoples, one of which appears above.

Does the depiction show extraterrestrials (upper, middle left and lower right) mingling or stalking desert tribes people after embarking from a flying saucer (lower right)?

One can make the conjecture, and some Ancient Astronaut theorists will, but is there another explanation?

The cave “painting” dates to a period circa 6000-7000 B.C.

The article by Dr. Giorgio Gualco notes the paintings found in the area and caves seem to depict “little demons with thread-like bodies” along with “gigantic figures found in Jabbaren” – “Jabbaren in the Tuaregh language means ‘giants’ and in fact one can find several figures of very large size there.”

Dr. Gualco continues, “it is therefore thought [that these figures] represents a god related to a fertility cult.”

Do the paintings indicate “giants” or diminutive entities” – like the greys reported in recent UFO encounters?

Or do the paintings represent imaginary depictions of gods? And why would gods become a mental fixation, of primitive minds, worthy of being noted on a cave wall?

Other “paintings” from the Rock Paintings of Tassili:




Can Spanish researcher Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory account for the depictions?

Does Nick Redfern’s hypnagogic suggestion apply?

Or do we see what the primitive painter saw?

That is, have we a representation that represents a reality that isn’t imaginative or artistic but, rather, a reported event, put down for posterity using techniques of the time?

No one knows, not anthropologists or Ancient Astronaut theorists or UFO buffs?