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Saturday, February 11, 2012

UFO Phenomena [sic]

UFO compiler Jerry Clark suggests (at UFO Updates) that UFOs should not be categorized as one thing or another; that is, the nuts and bolts provision isn’t the only explanation for UFO sightings.

There are other possibilities, none of them exclusionary.

UFOs may be nuts and bolts, or Vallee-induced craft, military misperceptions, or a lot of other things is what I think Mr. Clark is saying.

His observation is obvious and a little late to the table.

He offers that UFO buffs will get no where with a solution to the UFO question until they address the possibility that UFOs are phenomena, not a phenomenon, or singularity.

He may have held that view for a long time but he’s now offering it a bit dynamically, as age and death creeps up on him and the other UFO geezers and they’d like a denouement to the soul-crushing and futile search that has consumed them for most of their (wasted?) lives.

Yes, UFOs are phenomena, in that the sightings may be ascribed to many things, some real, some hallucinatory, some general misperceptions, some neurological, and even some caused by an ethereal presence that Jose Caravaca, Jacques Vallee, and Nick Redfern, see as the progenitor(s) of UFO events.

But is there one phenomenon among the phenomena that UFO aficionados should be devoting time and effort to?

Is it the extraterrestrial (nuts and bolts) craft phenomenon? From other worlds and other galaxies or even other dimensions or time?

Is it the neurologically’psychologically produced phenomenon?

Is it the Mac Tonnies, Jacques Vallee concomitant civilization intrusions?

Is it Jose Caravaca’s Distortion “entities” or Nick Redfern’s Fortean presence(s)?

Is it the intersect that caused the idea of God or gods in the human mind, from time immemorial?

Jerry Clark is right to bemoan the plight we UFO mavens are in – the plight of not knowing what to do next.

With the intellectual state of most UFO hobbyists, I think we are surely lost…