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Monday, February 13, 2012

Jose Caravaca pursues his Distortion Theory

Jose Antonia Caravaca provides an intriguing incident that bolsters his "theory" of Distortion.

Click HERE to read Senor Caravaca's latest posting at his blog.

Roswell Blunders

I've stopped touting Kevin Randle's latest book, for personal reasons...

But I have to tell you that his pages it it about his Roswell investigation goes a long way to showing how early UFO investigators -- Randle among them and foremost -- screwed up the story, with unintentional and stupid influence(s) on empty-headed "witnesses."

Also, how interviews weren't taped or botched.

And how Mr. Randle's abrasive demeanor often curtailed testimony from key participants.

Randle is not alone in the gaffes and inept procedures.

Others, who were quick to jump on the Roswell bandwagon, had motivations that were not pristine or ethical.

Mr. Randle is not among that crowd, but his failures were many, and I think his "Dream Team" effort is a mea culpa and/or attempt at some kind of salvation.

If you want an enlightening view of how Roswell got to where it is today, get the book.