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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Fatima Vision

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Jose Caravaca informs us that Portuguese researchers, Joaquim Fernandez and Fina d'Armada, got documents from the time of the 1917 Fatima apparitions and found that the initial description of the "Virgin" by Lucia does not correspond to the appearance we know today.

It was an entity of a meter in height, with a bright white suit with squares, holding something shiny in its (her?) hand:


Some respondents to our previous posting insist that UFOs were involved in the Fatima event(s) and another respondent missed the gist of our Constantine, Fatima conjecture altogether.

We suggest, again, that visitors here find Philip Coppens' erudite account.

Our point is that the Church and early recounting of what the peasant children saw and reported was warped for religious purposes, confounded by an inept ability to understand what occurred.

UFOs were not an essential ingredient in the event(s), but external stimuli was.

What the exact nature of that external stimuli was is yet to be determined.

The matter remains open to hypothetical cogitation...


Constantine, Joan of Arc, the Camisards, and Fatima….A UFO Connection?

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Roman Emperor Constantine’s alleged sighting of a UFO – a burning cross in the sky – in 312 A.D. represents, if it’s true, a UFO sighting.


And that sighting led to, ostensibly, Rome’s adoption of Christianity, which has caused more harm than good ever since.

In the late 1420s A.D. Jeanne d’Arc – Joan of Arc – acting at the behest of voices she heard, helped the French reclaim their land from their English conquerors.


In the early 1700’s, a Protestant sect of the Huguenots – the Camisards – revolted against the dictates of the Roman Church and the King of France, Louis XIV, who had revoked an edict ((Nantes) that gave Protestants freedom of worship.


The Camisards acted at the instigation of “little prophets” – especially “the fair Isabel” -- who heard from lights in the sky that the reign of the AntiChrist was about to begin, ushering in the Second Coming of Christ.

In 1917, three peasant children in Portugal told of having been visited by The Lady Of Fatima, assumed by many to have been Mary, the mother of Jesus, who provided messages about what was impending for humankind.


(Philip Coppens has recently dealt with this canard of the Church and I suggest you seek out his exegesis of the affair.)

What do these somewhat significant episodes have to do with UFOs?

Nothing, really.

Aside from Constantine’s supposed vision, the other three incidents involved intrusions or intersections between human beings and externals – some kind(s) of paranormal or ultranormal entities or, at least, extra-normal sensations.

Each of the accounts noted here affected human society in semi-serious ways. They didn’t alter the evolution of civilization -- well, maybe Constantine’s devious use of a ruse did; his adoption of Christianity, a political and Machiavellian-like move (well before Machiavelli defined such) has produced a entity – The Church of Rome – whose actions over the years have been deleterious to humans in many ways. (Need I cite the problem with Galileo or the Inquisition’s actions that destroyed Joan of Arc, Giordano Bruno, and countless other paragons of mankind?)

But they did cause an alteration or crimp in civilization’s progress.

And the Camisards being induced to insurrection by lights in the sky is interesting, is it not?

The Fatima “miracle” didn’t do much, but it created a mind-set that bolstered the Church for much of the European faithful, giving strength to Catholicism, which had altered the messages of the externals, including Jesus/Christ, since his death., and continues to do so even today.

My point?

There were, on occasion, intrusions by something or somebodies, that hoped to influence the evolution of mankind.

But such once-upon-a-time, transcendental intrusions have been replaced by the bizarre scenarios delineated by Jose Caravaca, Jacques Vallee, and dozens (even hundreds) of supposed UFO or flying saucer witnesses who have been punked by entities and events with a mischievous or nonsensical bent.


UFO entities have gone silent but still act out, in mime, strange behavior.

But why have UFO encounters become weird rather than eschatological in nature?

Or did we once deal with and are we still dealing with a profound mental chimera?


Primitive Cave Drawings that suggest….what?

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Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, pictured here with a colleague, is studying cave drawings from a site near his home at Benalup, Caduz, Spain [EL TAJO DE LAS FIGURAS]:


The drawings, shown here, were garnered by Abbe Henri Breuil (1929), and are thought to be from about 3000 B.C.

Walls at the site:



He finds this drawing-set interesting:


Especially two drawings in it:



These figures are said, by “experts,” to represent a marriage ritual:



Señor Caravaca sees something else here but hasn’t provided a serious conjecture yet; he notes that the two-person drawings are quite different than the others found on the cave walls:


This range of drawings (above) depicts hunters and animals and is similar in scope to those found at other sites where primitive artists captured scenes from their environment.

One can interpret the drawings in a number of ways – marriage rituals (an anachronistic stretch perhaps), drawings produced under the influence of natural hallucinogens, or the creative thrusts of artistic temperament. (After all, Picasso was from that region of Spain.)

Studies of ancient texts and drawings or cave wall paintings don’t take us to what UFOs are but they can, perhaps, lead us to a generalization of who or what intersected with early humans, and whether any such hypothetical intersection has any relevance to human beings or UFOs today.