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Sunday, February 26, 2012

UFOs: Tom Snyder interviews J. Allen Hynek and Peter Gersten

We have hundreds of taped [VHS] TV shows about UFOs, from 1976 forward.

We had uploaded many to YouTube about seven years ago but those videos were eliminated.

We're now uploading a few, again, and this one with Tom Snyder interviewing J. Allen Hynek and attorney Peter Gersten, from the early 1980s, provides some intriguing information about UFO sightings and the U.S. government cover-up(s) of the sightings, even after FOIA disclosures. Peter Gersten provides details.

J. Allen Hynek tells Snyder what researchers needed to do to ultimately explain the UFO phenomenon but all these years later his astute advice is still being ignored.

The video ends abruptly after about fifteen minutes from, I think, YouTube's previous limit on video timing.

Click HERE for the video.