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Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Rational Skeptics: Lance Moody, CDA, and Gilles Fernandez

Lance Moody is getting more and more irritated with the irrational ravings of UFO mavens — ET believers and others.

CDA is almost livid because Roswell enthusiasts keep coming up far short when it comes to providing evidence that something crashed near Roswell, and left debris, or maybe some alien bodies as many Roswellian devotees have it.

Gilles Fernandez sees Roswell as a mythical tale, built from a 1947 happening that was vague when it occurred but taking on a life by the efforts of some UFO researchers who want that happening to be an extraterrestrial event.

I love these guys!

They are skeptics, in the best sense of the word, exasperated by the nonsense and lack of anything tangible when it comes to Roswell, and UFOs, generally.

UFOs – unidentified things in the sky – are real. Many of us have seen such anomalistic things.

But to take a step toward flying saucer creatures entering the Earth’s atmosphere to explain those unidentified things is irrationality made substantive.

I’m enamored of so-called creature encounters; that is, accounts of beings seen near some kind of craft, but only from a psychological perspective.

Like Roswell, there has never been anything tangible collected from such encounters or sightings: nothing at all, ever.

The encounters have all the earmarks of a dream, and Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has made an excellent case for such events being oneiric, or dream oriented.

People have seen lights and strange objects in the skies, surely, and they are not all crazy or delusional.

But lights and apparent flying constructs are far from an alien reality.

My close encounter accounts are open to scrutiny from a number of disciplines, with a number of possible explanations, all suitable to the rational mind.

And Roswell? Yes, something happened near there in 1947 -- something prosaic or something profound. No one really knows what and may never know, as Nick Redfern has it.

The fact is that nothing – absolutely nothing -- has surfaced to provide concrete evidence for an extraterrestrial crash of a flying disk near Roswell in 1947.

And that’s why our skeptics get so annoyed with those who insist otherwise.

Lance, CDA, Gilles, et al. allow me to see that some right-thinking still exists within the parameters of a topic that is flush with ignorance, faith-based belief, and mental chicanery.

So huzzah to the skeptics amongst us here. They are cherished by some….even many.


Travis Walton's 20/20 Interview (circa 1979)

Travis Walton has become visible again.

A 20/20 interview with him, in the late 1970s or early 1980s, that we've uploaded to YouTube, shows him to be "authentic" -- his description of how he reacted when he awoke in the craft that allegedly abducted him and saw three beings rings true.

However, we are always curious as to how persons not skilled in estimating sizes of anything always manage to provide dimensions of the UFOs they see with a certitude that rivals technicians with skills at determining sizes of things seen; Walton does this early in the interview.

Dr. Michael Persinger, a cognitive neuroscience researcher, thinks Walton's experience was induced by electromagnetic anomalies along the fault lines in the area where Mr. Walton says he was abducted.

A brief segment includes a sighting in New Zealand, that was adduced to have occurred because of fault line activity.

I think Bruce Maccabee made much of the New Zealand sighting, without resorting to the fault line theory.

The fault line hypothesis is a stretch, of course.

Our video was derived from an aging VHS tape and is glitchy but watchable

Click HERE to access the YouTube upload.