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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UFOs and Quantum Computing

These are excerpts from an IBM press release about the company’s research into quantum computing:

Quantum computing relies on the contents of quantum bits — qubits, or qbits —existing in many different states at once, with the correct answer to a question coming from the way multiple qubits interact while in multiple states. If a qubit interacts with its surroundings in a non-reversible way — a process called decoherence — the quantum calculation stops, and thus effective quantum computing relies on maintaining coherence for long enough to be useful. Moreover, quantum computing is a statistical process and reliant on error detection and correction for accuracy.

In addition, the researchers carried out experiments with a 3D supercomputing qubit, in which the qubit maintained its quantum state up to 100 microseconds. "This value reaches just past the minimum threshold to enable effective error correction schemes and suggests that scientists can begin to focus on broader engineering aspects for scalability," IBM said.

Qubits could allow a quantum computer to perform millions of computations at a time, IBM said, and a single 250-qubit state would have more information bits than there are particles in the universe.

Now, compare that to what transpires during those UFO encounters I love and Jose Caravaca delineates, or what was said, by Betty Hill, to have taken place during her alleged abduction and examination -- mental and physical.

The entities disembarking from strange craft do not know, unless they have telepathic powers (a possibility), who they are confronting.

Their behavior is geared to rubes and those without exceptional mental abilities.

One would expect advanced galactic visitors to provide some “conversation” or indications of technology along the lines of, or even more advanced, than what has been reported: grunts, gathering of water or soil samples with mundane tools, and Neanderthalian-like behavior.

Even if witnesses are experiencing robots, those artificial life-forms are primitive too, compared to what Japanese technicians have created with their robotic forays.

Thus, we might conclude that the encountered entities and their craft are distortions of a prosaic, old-fashioned technology, derived in part from the mental configurations of the witnesses, as outlined by señor Caravaca’s imaginative and brilliant Distortion hypothesis.

If anything futuristic, like iBM’s quantum computing, was found at Roswell or Aztec, it remains unknown to us who were not in on the discovery or retrieval(s).

That leaves the maneuvers of those futuristic craft that our friend Dominick alluded to in comments for a previous post here.

Do the flight characteristics of some UFOs indicate technological advances in space travel that, without a spec sheet, gives us clues to visiting members of a civilization from elsewhere in the Universe (or from another dimension or time)?

The lack of “advanced” technology in those encounters I favor keep me tethered to a neurological or psychological explanation for them, or an acceptance of Jose Caravaca’s theory.

And I can accept that some craft or objects and lights seen in the skies and sometimes tracked may be vehicles of an advanced extraterrestrial race or, perhaps, just prototypes by Earthians that have yet to be made public.

Whatever UFOs are, they have not displayed anything like what is projected by IBM in its quantum computing research.

And that diminishes UFOs for me.

They have to be something less than one would wish, don’t they?