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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Ancient Astronaut Flaw and it’s not minor!

While I’m rather sympathetic to Ancient Astronaut theories, in their various incarnations, the hypotheses fail in one major regard…

If extraterrestrial travelers landed on Earth, millennia ago, and worked with humankind to create civilization(s) or societies and their cultural artifacts, those extraterrestrial visitors failed miserably.

No human society, alleged to have been intruded upon by galactic beings, has survived to show the competence of the advanced interplanetary “helpers.”

The Neolithics, whose paintings we’ve inserted here, didn’t last as a human outcrop. Sumerian and Egyptian cultures were gone shortly, in the context of the ages of mankind, after they were established.

Incan, Mayan, Olmec cultures are gone and they went rather fast in the scale of civilization measurement.

The Australian aborigines didn’t fare well, nor the Easter Islanders, and the Inuit’s as well.

The Dogons went nowhere, nor did the Celts or the Oriental cultures: India, China, Japan.

So what was the value provided by the Ancient Astronaut horde?

The constructions they supposedly helped with have been demolished or lie in ruins.

The “laws” they instilled – Hammurabi’s code, for example and the Ten Commandments – have been eschewed by most of mankind, in practical application.

And the Hebrews (Jews) have not fared well at all; if Yahweh was a space being who, with his minions, selected them as His chosen, they were abandoned completely.

Just as the Amerindians were deposed, and the Jews, or Dravidians, the Jains, and any other culture you can muster, the Ancient Astronauts brought nothing of permanence to Earth’s creatures, human and otherwise.

Is such failure a sign of an advanced extraterrestrial race?

The AA crowd has got to re-evaluate its criteria for space visitations, just as ufologists have to consider the non-altruistic visitations of modern UFO ETs.

Space visitors, with benefits, are pie-in-the-sky creatures -- literally, it seems….