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Thursday, March 08, 2012

The Roswell Denouement?

So Kevin Randle’s so-called Dream Team “proves” that an extraterrestrial craft crashed near Roswell in 1947 and the United States Army (and government) covered-up the event.

Then what?

Where does the Dream Team and ET ufologists go after the exposé?

Yes, many ufgologists, such as Randle, Rudiak, et al. will crow, “We told you so!” --but then what?

What information does humanity get from a military confession?

Yes, other civilizations, off-Earth, exist.

But do we now have access to that civilization and its societal accoutrements?

After sixty-five years, has the public or military been the recipient of anything useful from the alleged crash remnants or immaterial elements such as information culled from the alleged living entity or entities recovered by the military and squirreled away at a secret facility?

Proving the Roswell ET flying disk crash is an accomplishment, but one without practical benefits for the public at large.

The military admittance takes us nowhere.

Dream Teamers will push for access to what the military hid for sixty-five years and what they determined by research upon the supposed artifacts and bodies, forcing an exhibition of what was recovered and/or discovered.

Then what?

Battelle scientists have already examined the “debris” from Roswell, Anthony Bragalia tells us, and has circumstantial evidence that this is so.

Others have determined that the military has been covert about what was found near Roswell; Rudiak, Randle, and others have circumstantial evidence this is so.


What is opened, for some, is a dialogue about how such a confession by the Air Force, Navy, or military stresses Earth’s political structures, economics, religious organizations, and many other human constructs, philosophies, and even human existence itself.

But such a dialogue is ongoing in some quarters already and has been for some time.

My point is that a “proven” extraterrestrial crash, near Roswell, in 1947, doesn’t take us anywhere but into realms of discourse that have already been happening from time immemorial.

The Air Force coming clean about Roswell doesn’t help us with life. It clears up a mystery; life goes on, and the admittance affects nothing, but sustenances a “told you so” aftermath by the Roswell believers.

The military “confession” is a shoe horn to further foolish ruminations by those who have no existential underpinnings, and use the extraterrestrial scenario to appease their need for something beyond their meager lives and philosophies.