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Friday, March 23, 2012

1939 Space invaders (in Roswell)?

A 1939 photo found by Jose Caravaca; a photo that if displayed after 1947 would have been hallmarked as an extraterrestrial or alien invasion:

This is the copy below the photo -- click to enlarge:

Encounter in Arroyos, Argentina, October 31, 2007

Jose Caravaca offers a fairly recent (2007) UFO event that corresponds to his Distortion thesis.

While most examples of "Distortion" (his theory) come from the UFO waves of the 50s, this one is from our time, and is interesting.

Although Senor Caravaca provides details fron the sighting/event, he didn't note that it occurred on Halloween night -- maybe a significant factor.

Click HERE for his account

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Solway Spaceman [Redux]

Esteemed folklorist and British academic David Clarke addresses the Solway Space photo again, after the recent [11/27/2011] death of James Templeton, who captured the strange image, and which we discussed here at some length last year.


Click HERE for Dr. Clarke's report

Face on Moon?

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A 1954 UFO Sighting (with "French UFOnaut")

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides a 1954 UFO sighting which has an entity emerging from a "flying saucer" claiming, when asked if he was Martian, that he was French, but lost.

Click HERE for Senor Caravaca's account

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lance Moody on the 1953 Lockheed UFO Case

Lance Moody has given a "forgotten" UFO case his scrutiny.

Click HERE to see Lance's take on the 1953 case.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The UFO Planiverse

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A.K. Dewdney’s book The Planiverse [Poseidon Press, NY, 1984], a computer-oriented riff on Edwin Abbott’s Flatland [1884], provides a creative, imaginary look at existence in (or on) a venue that is only two-dimensional.


Dewdney’s “computer-created characters” in his book have encounters that are not unlike some of those we’ve presented here lately -- from Jose Caravaca and our own files/discoveries.

The question is whether UFO encounters, as we’ve noted here and Jose Caravaca has delineated at his blog, The Caravaca Files, are generated by human imaginings alone or, as Señor Caravaca hypothesizes, they are a mixture of unconscious imagery and other sensory data, used by an outside influence, as yet to be determined our understood, for purposes equally not determined or understood?

Mr. Dewdney’s creative effort mocks or mimics strange encounters that are stumbled upon by his two-dimensional creatures as they engage in explorations which take them, inadvertently, outside their two-dimensional world.


Have witnesses of strange UFO-defined craft and their often strange crews (entities) stumbled outside their three-dimensional world, inadvertently, into a realm from another or other dimension(s)?

And do their encounters provide interaction with beings inside those dimension(s)?

The idea that UFOs derive from inter-dimensional intersects is not new or accepted by most UFO aficionados.

But if Dewdney and Abbot’s imagined, two dimensional worlds that intermingle with a three-dimensional world (Spaceland in Abbott’s opus) and produce observations that are strikingly similar to the observations by UFO witnesses, can we dismiss the possibility that their insights are based in a reality that even they don’t recognize as having come from sources beyond them, as a kind of gift of intuition?

(Jung would allow that, as would some theological practitioners.)
My conjecture, in the realm of UFOs, can be taken as fringe or as a stepping stone for those inclined to ruminate on possibilities other than ET for UFO visitations.