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Friday, March 23, 2012

1939 Space invaders (in Roswell)?

A 1939 photo found by Jose Caravaca; a photo that if displayed after 1947 would have been hallmarked as an extraterrestrial or alien invasion:

This is the copy below the photo -- click to enlarge:

Encounter in Arroyos, Argentina, October 31, 2007

Jose Caravaca offers a fairly recent (2007) UFO event that corresponds to his Distortion thesis.

While most examples of "Distortion" (his theory) come from the UFO waves of the 50s, this one is from our time, and is interesting.

Although Senor Caravaca provides details fron the sighting/event, he didn't note that it occurred on Halloween night -- maybe a significant factor.

Click HERE for his account