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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Book for UFO Dolts

This book [Para Publishing, Italy, 2011] should be a must-read for everyone particularly some of the UFO mavens who visit here.

The book opens the door to vivid conjecture, about quantum physics, classical physics, and Jung's depth psychology, especially the collective unconscious, which is a key factor in Jose Antonio Caravaca's Theory of (UFO) Distortion.

Hermetic Alchemy and neoplatonic alchemy, plus the vicissitudes of quantum theory and psychophysical reality are presented, along with a plethora of other arcane toics, in such a way as to explain why UFOs are seen by some and UFO events are experienced by others.

No, UFOs, per se, are not addressed in the book but the creative, astute reader can put the pieces together and become intellectualized about the UFO topic, outside of the phenomenon itself.

The psychophysical reality of UFOs is dismissed by old-school ufologists; the newer breed of UFO aficionado will welcome this introduction to material that may very well provide an explanation for some of the UFO enigma.


A closer look at Adamski's shoe and the Wandjina symbols

Dave Down Under and PurrlGurrl don't see the similarities in the Orthon shoe print and the Wandjina drawing, presented in my previous postings about Admamski's hoax, so I've enlarged both and circled them for their failing and bias-against eyes:

The "fish-hook" symbol is also not unlike the Wandjina hook symbol, both on the left of their respective depictions.

The "T" may also be seen in the swastika-like ornament in Orthon's print too.

Not to see virtual similarity in the two items presented indicates to me a mind-set that is closed to actual observation, and bespeaks a narrow-mindedness that is offputting to creative conjecture -- something that's endemic to UFO buffs who reside on the fringe of the topic or are newbies with a grudge against hypotheses that irk their belief systems.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Real "exegeses" of Roswell and other UFO events

Peter Brookesmith's book (pictured above) publishd by Barnes & Noble Books [1996, NY] has a coherent, thorough account of the Roswell episode (Chapter Eight, Page 147 ff.); Bursting the Roswell Balloon; An Incident Becomes an Epic.

That chapter and the book itself are a must-read for those who seek an enlightened look at Roswell and other iconic UFO sightings and events; e.g., Cash/Landrum, Socorro, Pascagoula, The Hill "abduction," the Coyne incident, and many, many others, all pasted with government documents and pithy evaluations by Mr. Brookesmith.

Get the book, if you're a real UFO buff; otherwise, remain ignorant.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adamski's Great Hoax or Something More?

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This a Wandjina depiction found by Sir George Grey in Western Australia in 1837:

This is the shoe print allegedly left by George Adamski's Venusian visitor, Orthon, in a Colorado desert in November 1952:

Note the virtually identical symbols in the Wandjina headdress and those in the heel portion of the shoe imprint left by Admanski's Orthon:

Was George Adamski familiar with Wandjina art, particularly the Grey find, and incorporated the symbols in the supposed Orthon shoe print?

If so, the hoaxing element is brilliant. If not, why the similarity? Coincidence would be a stretch, would it not be?

Is there some reality at work here, something far beyond hoaxing?

Or was Adamski such a skilled hoaxer that he put a few obscure things together -- things so arcane that only the most astute would find the connection. And to what end?


UFOs, Then and Now?

What Kenneth Arnold saw:

What some people see today and think is a UFO:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

From our Friend Bruce Duensing...Another Roswell?

Bruce Duensing thinks this posting at The Daily Grail might interest some of our visitors/readers here:

A Second Roswell?

We thank Bruce for the heads-up and the always interesting site: The Daily Grail.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Kenneth Arnold's Distorted Experience?

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Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca finds a January 1947 magazine article [Popular Science] about Northrop Aircraft’s new Flying Wing, and proposes that the article may have stimulated Kenneth Arnold’s iconic sighting of June 24th, 1947, within the parameters of Señor Caravaca’s Distortion Theory.



We, the RRRGroup, have postulated, in the past here, that Arnold very likely saw a Navy prototypical jet airplane flight.


Jose Caravaca raises the issue of a chimerical sighting, however.

Whatever Kenneth Arnold saw, the configurations of his seen “flying saucers” rarely showed up afterward, in the immediate time-frame, but did appear in witness reports after this drawing appeared in news media:


The mind-induced explanation for some UFO sightings isn’t meant to castigate all UFO sightings, but can be applied to those where strange entities appear and act out bizarre scenarios.

The UFO phenomenon (or more correctly: phenomena) has always gotten short shrift from UFO researchers and investigators, and that lapse continues today. But a new breed of UFO aficionados are attempting to provide cold-case forensics to sightings (new and old) to see what may explain the ongoing enigma.

Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory – outlined at his blog, The Caravaca Files – is an interesting hypothesis. And we are open to other hypotheses, if they are presented in an academic manner, footnoted and fleshed out with examples and test protocols.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Influence of images on memory

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Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca and I (among others) think that images seen in childhood may be responsible fro some UFO experiences later in life, brought into prominence by stress, neurological malfunctions, medicines, drugs (recreational and otherwise), alcohol, and other factors.

UFO investigators and researchers have generally neglected to ask UFO witnesses to events (alleged abductions among them) what they’ve eaten, drunk, or used just before their experience.

And investigators have not asked what magazines, movies, books, or, more recently, what television shows were part of their childhood entertainment.

Betty Hill, born in 1919, and her husband Barney could have been influenced by such imagery as these from the 1930s and 40s, found in Science Fiction magazines during their early lives:





Travis Walton, born in 1953 would have been influenced by images prominent in the late 1950s and early 60s; the imagery embedded in his memory as delineated by Torkel Klingberg, Hans Forssberg, and Helena Westerberg in their work, Increased Brain Activity in Frontal and Parietal Cortex Underlies the Development of Visuospatial Working Memory Capacity during Childhood:

"The amount of information one can keep in working memory (WM) increases throughout childhood and early adulthood (Gathercole, 1999; Luciana & Nelson, 1998; Hale, Bronik, & Fry, 1997)."

And images such as these might have affected someone as “manly” as Walton….




…or those who posit reptilian aliens in our midst…


…or those who just see something in the sky…


My point is that UFO research has been wanting and incomplete, no where near scientific and without the protocols and methodologies needed before the epithet “research” should even be mentioned.

That’s why I continue to excoriate UFO personages such as Kevin Randle, Jerry Clark, J. Allen Hynek, and Stanton Friedman. Their forays into UFO sightings and events were and are “vacations” not explorations.

(Images courtesy of Jose Antonio Caravaca)