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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Adamski's Great Hoax or Something More?

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This a Wandjina depiction found by Sir George Grey in Western Australia in 1837:

This is the shoe print allegedly left by George Adamski's Venusian visitor, Orthon, in a Colorado desert in November 1952:

Note the virtually identical symbols in the Wandjina headdress and those in the heel portion of the shoe imprint left by Admanski's Orthon:

Was George Adamski familiar with Wandjina art, particularly the Grey find, and incorporated the symbols in the supposed Orthon shoe print?

If so, the hoaxing element is brilliant. If not, why the similarity? Coincidence would be a stretch, would it not be?

Is there some reality at work here, something far beyond hoaxing?

Or was Adamski such a skilled hoaxer that he put a few obscure things together -- things so arcane that only the most astute would find the connection. And to what end?


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