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Friday, March 30, 2012

Real "exegeses" of Roswell and other UFO events

Peter Brookesmith's book (pictured above) publishd by Barnes & Noble Books [1996, NY] has a coherent, thorough account of the Roswell episode (Chapter Eight, Page 147 ff.); Bursting the Roswell Balloon; An Incident Becomes an Epic.

That chapter and the book itself are a must-read for those who seek an enlightened look at Roswell and other iconic UFO sightings and events; e.g., Cash/Landrum, Socorro, Pascagoula, The Hill "abduction," the Coyne incident, and many, many others, all pasted with government documents and pithy evaluations by Mr. Brookesmith.

Get the book, if you're a real UFO buff; otherwise, remain ignorant.