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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tim Printy

UFO researcher and skeptical guy, Tim Printy, has been beleaguered by David Rudiak and Stanton Friedman because he (Mr. Printy) has had the chutzpah to challenge some of their work and ideas.

He has challenged a few of our ill-conceived insertions here also.

But we like Tim Printy.

He's brilliant and self-effacing when necessary.

When ideas about UFOs are thrown out, they always bring opprobrium if they challenge the UFO orthodoxy.

And the opprobrium can be vicious, as it was recently at UFO UpDates, by David Rudiak, regarding Tim Printy.

The UFO topic is innately bizarre. Hypotheses about UFOs have to be bizarre also, by the very nature of the phenomenon (or phenomena, if you will).

Tim Printy, like Robert Sheaffer, go after orthodox ufology in ways that deconstruct bad thinking; this makes the bad thinkers angry.

Thus they lash out.

This is just a short note to say that we support all heterodox thinkers: Printy, Sheaffer, Caravaca, et al.

May they thrive for a very long time....


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The 1954 Macerata, Italy Encounter

Jose Antonio Caravaca continues to example UFO encounters that may be used to bolster his Distortion Theory when it is fully presented.

You can read his account of the 1954 Macerata, Italy encounter by clicking HERE

Monday, April 02, 2012

Kevin Randle’s Roswell Obsession

Kevin Randle, like David Rudiak, has an almost total obsession with Roswell.

No other UFO story or event, no matter how intriguing or pertinent to the UFO phenomenon, in its entirety, compels Kevin Randle and David Rudiak as the Roswell incident does.

Randle’s most recent UFO book is saturated with his Roswell endeavors. And his blog is suffused with Roswell detritus, gorged with repetitive comments by Mr. Rudiak and a few Roswell skeptics who can’t help themselves when it comes to Roswell; the skeptics need to try and debunk some of the iffy Roswell items, their commentary as compulsively presented as the Randle/Rudiak stuff.

This obsession by Mr. Randle has diminished his recent set up of a Roswell Dream Team.

The current material on his blog, with the ongoing back-and-forth, has created a gag-reflex among UFO aficionados – some giving up the UFO topic and their blogs because of the Roswell surfeit.

We like Roswell too, but a review of our blog postings shows that we are not obsessed with the incident.

A scan of Mr. Randle’s blog shows otherwise.

As we’ve pointed out a month or so ago Mr. Randle is willing to destroy his Dream Team’s credibility and eventual presentation of new Roswell material by regurgitating old Roswell arguments, over and over again – as infinitum, ad perpetuam, as nauseam.

That’s sad in a way, as we know some of the Dream Team is doggedly looking for new material and examining fresh reviews of old material.

Mr. Randle is draining their efforts away by not shutting down his blog to Roswell input for the interim.

And although Mr. Rudiak is member of the Dream Team, we don’t imagine him providing anything new for its purpose, he, Mr, Rudiak, so busy refueling the old debates at Mr. Randle’s blog that he can’t possibly be digging into new areas.

Our suggestion to Mr. Randle (and Mr. Rudiak also) is to shut up about Roswell for a while. Let the Dream Team muster its finds and present them when ready.

This will provide the credibility that Randle and Rudiak are squandering with their never-ending, inane nonsense at Mr. Randle’s blog.

Surely Mr. Randle has other UFO material to provide UFO buffs. After all he’s been after the UFO enigma for the better part of his long life…


An Independent (fictional) Film about UFOs and mysterious goings-on

We don't usually go off topic, especially to promote commercial items, but we received a plea from two "Indie" film makers:

The film might be called a docu-drama, and it does include a patina about UFOs.

(We thought the plea for donations and help was worth a spot here; besides the film-makers are cute, spunky, and entrepreneurial. How could we refuse to give them some time here?)

Click HERE for a Vimeo snippet and more about the film and its creators.