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Monday, May 07, 2012

Roswell: A lack of debris and a lack of (almost) everything else

Flying saucers or UFOs have left no hard-core evidence to prove their existence or reality, despite contrived accounts that the phenomenon has crashed or been compromised on many occasions.

Roswell’s alleged crashed flying disk, even if scooped up by the United States Army, has not been placed in evidence by any UFO researcher or government official, ever.

The (in)famous Ramey/Marcel photos of foil scraps from 1947 are laughably singular as non-evidence of an interstellar craft or even a secret balloon array (Mogul or anything else).

The pieces of material scattered on a floor, being held by original participants in the Roswell tale, merely confirm, for skeptics and rational thinkers, that the Roswell event was a lot of nothing, blown out of proportion by late-to-the-story UFO researchers with a bend toward extraterrestrial visitations via flying disks.

The incipient Roswell “Dream Team” has its work cut out for it. The “team” has to come up with something tangible – held-in-hand debris from the crashed Roswell disk or a bona fide document, not just alluding to debris or a crash but actually detailing where the supposed remnants of the crashed disk are now.

Recollections of Roswell’s aging population who say they saw debris or alien bodies has little or no meaning to discerning observers of the ongoing UFO saga,

There are no photographs by professed witnesses of the debris, no diary accounts from the period (June/July 1947), no government documents that precisely delineate the collection of or transport of debris (or anything else) from the 1947 context, and nothing that will settle the messy debate about the Roswell incident.

Anthony Bragalia and other members of the Roswell “Dream Team” may have gathered new or refurbished circumstantial evidence, but nothing, so far, that nails down a flying disk crash, extraterrestrial or otherwise.

That’s how it is.