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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Nick Redfern’s The Pyramids and the Pentagon. (It’s a fascinating read.)

Nick Redfern always provides material that is uniquely insightful and he does that with his Pyramids and Pentagon book, pictured above.

The 286 page book is flush with details of the United States military establishment’s obsession with and involvement in those aspects of life and history that seem peripheral but, according to Nick’s elaborate reckoning, U.S. government constructs, military and intelligence mostly, were heavily absorbed in those arcane mysteries that tickle curiosity among Fortean cognoscenti (and UFO buffs, generally).

Noah’s ark, ancient levitation techniques (use in constructing the monuments of old), the Mayan and Incan ruins, crop circles, vampires, the Philadelphia experiment, dimension hopping, the face on Mars, UFOs (of course), atomic annihilation, immortality, sacred mushrooms, Marian apparitions, Stonehenge, and crop circles are just some – some! – of the encyclopedic-like accounts that Nick has gathered for this book.

What Nick is driving at, as I see it, is the idea that the ancient past, and mysteries from that past, were and are items of deep interest to elements of the military and intelligence communities of the United State of America. Why?

Nick doesn’t tell readers why U.S. agencies have spent and are spending (even now) so much money and effort on arcane mysteries; he just tells us that they have and continue to do so.

And Nick isn’t one to offer details without substantive backing and evidence. He’s used The Freedom of Information resources to bolster his presentation(s).

Each strange or bizarre account is supplemented by documentations of varying kinds, most from the government itself.

What are readers to make of the insinuation that Nick makes: that government officials took and take mysteries of the past seriously?

I assume that Nick is implying that we, too, should take such mysteries seriously. He surely does.

I can’t provide all the intriguing examples of government machinations in the affairs of the arcane, but in Nick’s 14th Chapter [Page 155 ff.], Martian Conspiracies, readers will find a confluence of material that brings together Jonathan Swift (Gulliver’s Travels), comic book artist Jack Kirby, the Voynich Manuscript, the Face on Mars, the CIA, and Nick’s recently dead pal, Mac Tonnies.

That wealth of related arcana is what makes Nick’s books so interesting; it leads readers to areas of interest that they normally wouldn’t know existed.

The book, subtitled The Government’s Top Secret Pursuit of Mystical Relics, Ancient Astronauts, and Lost Civilizations is published by New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., Pompton Plains, NJ and is priced at $15,99.

It can be purchased at bookstores online and off, of course, and should be in any UFO maven’s library, if only to be conversant and knowledgeable about how the U.S. government is less than candid about its interest in UFO-related matters.

Nick Redfern knows lots of things, and he allows his readers to know what he knows. I am a devoted fan of the author for that.