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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The UFO Crash "Silence"

Raymond Fowler’s piece in the April 1976 Issue of Official UFO (pictured above), What About Crashed UFOs? [Page 24 ff.] tells of several UFO crashes in the early 1950s: Mattydale, N,Y; Kingman, Arizona; and one in Mexico,

While the Kingman tale is supported by a Fritz Werner affidavit, the alleged crash has been discounted by some (many?). The Mattydale crash is a witness-only event, and the Mexico crash ended up being just a rumor with loose ends, nothing substantial.

What strikes me about such incidents is why witnesses to the supposed crashes won’t discuss them: the witnesses were fearful that they’d loose their military pensions if they spoke about the incidents they either experienced first-hand or heard about from colleagues.

Kevin Randle offers that witness-excuse for silence in his accounts of UFO crashes.

And Anthony Bragalia has bumped into that excuse for UFO witnesses being mum time and time again.

(He’s recounted that reason for the wall of silence at his blog, The Bragalia Files, many times.)

My question, often proffered to Mr. Bragalia, has been why would a person who has experienced a profound, unique event, like a flying saucer crash – an assumed alien space ship – would adhere to silence, to prevent a loss of pension or retirement monies – even when they are on their death-bed?

Is there or was there any real indication that the government or government subsidized operation would cease pension payments if someone spilled the beans about an alleged flying saucer crash or other UFO incident?

Has anyone ever followed up on the possibility?

Where did the idea come from? What was the stimulus for persons thinking they’d lose their life-sustaining pensions if they talked about a UFO event?

Was there no witness or witnesses who had enough monies or enough patriotic duty to inform the American people about the intrusion of extraterrestrial spacecraft (and sometimes beings) into their airspace?

Early Christians spoke about their “reality” of Christ even at sword point.

Military men, everywhere and always, have defied enemy threats of torture and/or death to prevent their comrades from being discovered or found out.

So why would a person who saw, allegedly first-hand, space creatures or their craft, keep their mouths shut….out of fear of a lost pension?

It doesn’t make sense…..unless such persons were lying or delusional.

Does any of this pertain to Roswell or Aztec too?