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Friday, July 06, 2012

From our friend Robbie Graham (in the U.K.)

Senior CIA Official Claims Knowledge of Roswell-Alien Cover-up

Dear colleagues,

On 23 June, while speaking on Coast to Coast AM, the CIA’s former liaison to the entertainment industry, Chase Brandon, made extraordinary claims about the Roswell incident, declaring:

“I also absolutely know as I sit here talking to you that there was a craft from beyond this world that crashed at Roswell, that the military picked up remains of not just the wreckage, but cadavers.” Brandon then recounted an occasion when he saw direct proof of the alien nature of Roswell within the CIA’s own Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC).

Based on what he claims to have seen in the HIC, Brandon stated unequivocally: “100 percent, guaranteed... Roswell happened. There was a craft, absolutely cadavers,” but added, “Beyond that, I have no idea where anything else went.” Brandon - who spent 25 years in the Agency's elite Clandestine Service - also sought to absolve the CIA of any on-going complicity in an active cover-up of the Roswell incident.

Truth or fiction, Brandon's statements are significant for the fact that he is, to date, the most senior CIA officer - former or serving - to have claimed direct knowledge of an alleged Roswell/alien cover-up. 
Propaganda expert Dr Matthew Alford and I have co-authored an in-depth article examining Brandon's statements from every angle. The article includes exclusive responses from former high-level government officials and from the CIA itself. This story is yet to break in the mainstream media.

The article is attached to this email in Word document form. I have also just published it on my blog, Silver Screen Saucers:

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