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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Corroborative UFO Photo?


The McMinnville/Trent photo of 1950 and the 1954 Rouen, France photo were provided in  Flying Saucers and UFOs 1968 {No.2, Page 24].

The similarity is blatant.

The Trent photo(s) -- there were two, as you know -- have been considered hoaxes by some (Robert Sheaffer particularly) and authentic by others (Bruce Maccabee, David Rudiak).

The Rouen photo, taken by a French Air Force pilot, has gnerally been considered to be authentic.

But doesn't the Rouen photo corroborate the Trent photo and sighting of four years earlier?

Martin J. Powell offers a thorough analysis of the two photographs which can be read by clicking HERE.

Mr. Powell noted that there is a question about the actual date of the Rouen photo, citing Vicente Juan Ballester-Olmos' corrected dating of 1957, and VJB's suggestion that the Rouen photo was a  doctored copy of the Trent UFO photo, although the Rouen photo contains more detail than the Trent UFO photo -- which is a virtual impossibility if one is making a copy of a photo; the new photo will be degraded not enhanced.

As with other UFO photos or incidents, the details are always compromised by something iffy; in this case the date of the Rouen photo and the suggestion by a bona fide UFO researcher -- Ballester-Olmos -- that the Rouen photo was a copy.

Yes, there are legitimate questions about the Trent photos -- addressed by Phil Klass and others, such as why they didn't develop their film for some time if, indeed, they thought they had captured a flying saucer.

But if the Rouen photo is authentic -- although that seems to be up in the air also -- doesn't it give validation to the Trent photos?

And, as we usually ask, were there other sightings and/or photos with the air-foil configuration that is unique to these photographs -- either before 1950 or after 1954/1957?

While some discount pursuing such sightings, from long ago -- we are of that ilk ourselves, usually -- the "saucer" seen in these two photos invite retro-investigation....to corroborate the Trent photos and to show that flying saucers of the 1950s time-frame seem to have had tangibility, and aero-dynamic characteristics, which is no longer the case.

Today's UFOs are amorphous generally, without substance or materiality.

What happened to UFOs?

Why have they changed?