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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Mars Man!

Anthony Bragalia re-discovered this image at forgetomori.com the other day.

Click HERE for the link.

This is one of the iconic images from his youth, and mine (and maybe yours too).

The 1950 German effort was an April 1st joke apparently.

What struck Anthony (and me) is how marvelous the created imagery was, much before CGI or Photoshop.

(Those Germans have always been masters of media.)


Spitsbergen UFO crash of 1952 -- a set-up?

Nick Redfern resurrects the 1952 Spitsbergen UFO crash, insinuating that it was a plant -- a contrived set-up for nefarious purposes (of disinformation?)...

Click HERE to read Nick's take on the matter.