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Monday, July 23, 2012

UFOs off New York -- 1941?

In our ongoing (never-ending) office move, we came across a cache of old Detroit TIMES newspapers during the World War II years.

And I found a few odd stories in them.

For instance, here’s a headline for the December 9th, 1941 paper, two days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor:


Would there really have been “Enemy Planes” off New York?

Could the Japanese have mustered another armada of war craft planes for an attack on the far side of The United States?

Could Germany have done the same, sending aircraft across the Atlantic?

It’s a possibility but highly unlikely, and nothing developed from the alleged spotted aircraft.

There were other “hysterical” sightings -- war nerves apparently, or ?

How about the possibility that what were sighted were UFOs?

The (in)famous 1942 Los Angeles sighting comes to mind. But that episode was along the West Coast and was prompted by something seen in the sky off L.A.

Japanese aircraft were a definite possibility there.

But New York? The East Coast of America?

UFO buffs would do well to scour old newspaper accounts for such “aircraft sightings.” They might discover a slew of UFO sightings that have gone unpronounced, having been mistaken for “enemy aircraft.”

While that won't answer the UFO enigma, it will provide a fill in of the lacunae of UFO sightings for the period right before 1947.