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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quantum UFOs: Entanglement?


We’ve previously posed here the idea that UFOs may be macro-quantum artifacts:


And there is a way to test that hypothesis.

If UFOs are macro-particles of quantum, they’d be subject to quantum entanglement; that is, a UFO seen in one place would mimic a UFO in another place, in the same time frame.

The actions of one UFO would duplicate the actions of another UFO elsewhere, distance not a factor, as is the case with quantum particles generally.

The Foo Fighters during World War II (the 1940s). the 1948 green fireball sightings, the 1952 Washington D.C. sightings, the 1965 Exeter, New Hampshire sightings, the 1978 Kaikoura, New Zealand sightings, the 1979 Valencia, Spain incident, the 1981 Hudson valley sightings, the 1986 Sao Paulo/Rio de Janeiro sightings, the notable 1086 Japan airlines sighting near Alaska, the 1991 Space Shuttle incident(s), the 2001 Carteret, NJ sightings, the 2004 Tinley Park, Illinois sightings, the 2007 Alderney, Guernsey sightings, the 2008 Stephenville, Texas sightings had UFOs that behaved like quantum particles.

But a few other sightings, such as the May through September sightings (videotaped) in Istanbul, Turkey, the June 2008 Moscow sightings, with adjunct sightings in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk, and the 2011 Yerevan/Armavir/Syunik, Armenia sightings indicated entanglement-like behavior.

We’ll engage in a diligent search of other sightings to see if there are concomitant sightings at the same time, in a different location, where the UFO maneuvers duplicate each other.

Google “macro-quantum artifacts” for material about the concept.

That UFOs are or behave as quantum particles might go towards a methodology of UFO study but, like quantum mechanics, will continue to remain as elusive as the various aspects of quantum theory, such as entanglement, so the pursuit of our conjecture will prove futile, ultimately, but interesting for the theoretical among you we think.