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Friday, August 10, 2012

Kathy Kasten -- R.I.P.

UFO UpDates was notified of the death of 72 year-old Kathy Kasten, an ornery habitue of UpDates.

Ms. Kasten didn't visit this blog, as far as we know, but we enjoyed her feisty rejoinders at UpDates, where she was often vilified by Don Ledger and Jerry Clark, among others.

May she find peace wherever she is...


The Socorro "hoax" by Anthony Bragalia


Anthony Bragalia has provided what he says is the denouement of the iconic 1964 Socorro sighting of police officer Lonnie Zamora.

Click HERE for access to The Bragalia Files where Mr. Bragalia's "exegesis" appears.

N.B. While the RRRGroup appreciates Mr. Bragalia's dogged pursuit of his hoax hypothesis, we have some trepidation in accepting it as the final word, although Mr. Bragalia assures us that it is his final word on the sighting.

For us, and probably a few others (David Rudiak and Ray Stanford, among them), the hoax interpretation doesn't quite nail down all the vicissitudes of the sighting.

But Mr. Bragalia's work provides a somewhat [sic] sensible account of what happened in Socorro in 1964.

It is for readers here to accept his work and view as final...or not.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Nick Redfern -- target of the gods?


Our dear friend, Nick Redfern, keeps getting tweaked by odd happenstances.

He thinks that Synchronicity is involved, or machinations of The Trickster.

We think it's just co-incidence(s), thrust upon him by the gods -- because he keeps playing with them, just as those who use the ouija board get snookered by spirits from beyond for disturbing their immortal sleep.

Click HERE for Nick's latest foray into the (slight) world of the damned.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Alien soldiers....on the march!


Jose Caravaca continues to refine his theory of [UFO] Distortion.

Click HERE for his latest salvo.

Son(s) of Socorro

Although some think the April 1964 Socorro UFO sighting was a hoax or a misidentified lunar test probe, other sightings of an almost identical nature seem to show that Lonnie Zamora’s observation was of something truly alien.

We’ve noted here, several times, the La Madeira sighting of April 26, 1964, a few days after Lonnie Zamora’s iconic encounter.

Then there is the July 1st 1965 Valensole, France sighting which is virtually identical to the Zamora/Socorro sighting.

Depictions of that sighting:



And here are three web-links which you might peruse to see the similarities:




What does this imply?

That police officer Lonnie Zamora saw something that had the patina of an extraterrestrial presence, a presence that appeared in La Madera, New Mexico a few days later, and also a year later in France.

But then what happened? The cover-all garbed duo seen by Monsieur Masse in Valensole and Lonnie Zamora in Socorro seem to have disappeared from the UFO landscape.

Yes, there are other sightings and encounters somewhat similar after 1964-1965, but those sightings don’t have the vibrancy or equal template of the Socorro/Valensole encounters.

Why not? Where did the two UFO beings and their egg-shaped craft go?

We have tried not to discount Lonnie Zamora’s testimony although there are elements that could use clarification; e.g. the insignia he saw and drew and what exactly did he miss when he lost his glasses as his UFO departed?

But with the La Madera and Valensole sightings, corroboration is provided.

And while proof of an extraterrestrial visitation is not forthcoming, and the sightings lack definitive resolution, the three sightings noted indicate that something bizarre and alien took place – something that provides grist for the UFO ET crowd.

N.B. Why wasn’t Officer Zamora zapped by a paralyzing ray as Monsieur Masse was? David Rudiak would show that Officer Zamora was too far away from the craft; he (Zamora) didn’t present a threatening demeanor.

Also, the UFO “beings” seem to have become more brazen in the year between the Zamora sighting and the Masse encounter. Because they had become inured to human intervention?


Monday, August 06, 2012

More on quantum (UFO?) entanglement

Click HERE for story

Another example of Quantum goofiness


Click HERE for an article bolstering our view that quantum mechanics is just plain nuts.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dr, Bob Curran's Lovecraft Exegesis

Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc.


I had just unpacked several H.P. Lovecraft books (from our office move) – Fungi from Yuggoth & Other Poems, The Colour Out of Space, The Dunwich Horror – and L. Sprague De Camp’s Biography along with an exegesis of The Cthulhu Mythos by Lin Carter – when I received Dr. Bob Curran’s A Haunted Mind: Inside the Dark Twisted World of H.P. Lovecraft (pictured above), published by New Page Books, a Division of Career Press, Inc., Pompton Plains, NJ, 2012….351 pages, selling for $19.99 at online booksellers (Amazon, Powells, maybe Anomalist, et cetera) and brick and mortar bookstores such as Barnes and Noble (also online), among others.

I’ve reviewed other books by Dr. Curran – The World’s Creepiest Places – and like his thorough writing approach; he is not niggardly with details that are obscure but pertinent, and he hasn’t given short shrift to Lovecraft – although I wish he had.

As it is, Dr. Curran’s Introduction (Pages 5 to 27) killed Lovecraft for me.

Lovecraft was an anti-Semite slacker who may have had homosexual proclivities and pedophiliac tendencies. He used people and was a nasty son-of-a-bitch (my words) apparently.

But as Paul Johnson wrote, in his book, Intellectuals, the great persons were rarely pure souls, devoid of malfeasance and obloquy.

Their ideas and work should be looked at rather than their sometimes warped personalities and behavior.

One has to do that with Lovecraft.

Dr. Curran takes readers through the Lovecraft oeuvre, from the Necronomicon to the eldritch dark writing that “However we may think of him….he, like no other, could see some of the dreadful things and some of the fearful places that lurked out there in the eldritch gloom, just beyond the furthest edges of the rational human mind.” [Page 340]

Readers here can appreciate that.

But the “Mythos” is a creative, imaginary wonderland in the true sense of wonder and awe; a creation that is as complete as that of any other, including the “real creation” as outlined in various religious theologies.

Dr. Curran makes connections with histories and mythologies such as Lovecraft’s Hyperborea, an island that factored in Greek geography and myth. {Page 71]

The interconnection of real books and places found in Lovecraft and others is provided for a real edification of Lovecraft’s “academically” inclined writings; e.g., Jules Michelet’s 1862 La Sorciere.

I can’t do justic to Dr. Curran’s erudition. You have to get the book and immerse yourself in the vast and convoluted world – nay, ultimate universal creation – of Lovecraft. Dr. Curran offers all that there is to offer about the Lovecraftian mythos. Nothing is left out.

How Lovecraft's life and events/places he experienced shaped his writings are recounted in toto by Dr. Curran: no stone is left unturned.

I can drone and on with passages and pastiches from the book, but as I noted, that would do an injustice to Bob Curran’s magnificent gathering of everything there is to know about Lovecraft and Lovecraft’s gods and worlds.

The book is divided into sections:


The Forbidden Library (Necronomicon, De Vermis Mysteriis, Book of Eibon, et al.)

Shadows Beyond the Stars (Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, Father Yig, Azathoth, et al.)

Where Human Pathways End (Arkham, Dunwich, Irem,  Leng, et al.)

The book concludes with a Behind the Pallid Mask (and a useful Index)

Get the book if you are a Lovecraft fan or like wildly imaginative creations that have a logic and reality that is as complete as the one you’re living in.

For more about the book and the author, you can access http://www.careerpress.com or http://www.newpagebooks.com