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Friday, August 10, 2012

Kathy Kasten -- R.I.P.

UFO UpDates was notified of the death of 72 year-old Kathy Kasten, an ornery habitue of UpDates.

Ms. Kasten didn't visit this blog, as far as we know, but we enjoyed her feisty rejoinders at UpDates, where she was often vilified by Don Ledger and Jerry Clark, among others.

May she find peace wherever she is...


The Socorro "hoax" by Anthony Bragalia


Anthony Bragalia has provided what he says is the denouement of the iconic 1964 Socorro sighting of police officer Lonnie Zamora.

Click HERE for access to The Bragalia Files where Mr. Bragalia's "exegesis" appears.

N.B. While the RRRGroup appreciates Mr. Bragalia's dogged pursuit of his hoax hypothesis, we have some trepidation in accepting it as the final word, although Mr. Bragalia assures us that it is his final word on the sighting.

For us, and probably a few others (David Rudiak and Ray Stanford, among them), the hoax interpretation doesn't quite nail down all the vicissitudes of the sighting.

But Mr. Bragalia's work provides a somewhat [sic] sensible account of what happened in Socorro in 1964.

It is for readers here to accept his work and view as final...or not.