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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kenneth Arnold and Ike

Jose Caravaca provides a photo of Kenneth Arnold getting congratulations from Dwight Eisenhower in 1962   when Arnold won a GOP nomination in Idaho.


Who says UFOs don't pay off?

Jonah Lehrer -- Again!


We've noted that Jonah Lehrer, a supposedly exceptional writer, was canned from The New Yorker and his book, Imagine... recalled by the publisher, because Mr. Lerhrer fudged some quotes about and from Bob  Dylan.

Kevin Randle also provided a caveat, at his blog, about Mr. Lehrer, writing that we bloggers could ignore the Dylan plaint because Mr. Lehrer's scientific ruminations remain intact and pure.

That's not the case. It seems that Mr. Lehrer also has made errant scientific conclusions. We, like Mr. Randle, have used Lehrer's material to bolster some hypotheses.

Since his material is partially bogus we have to disavow whatever cogitation we've provided that used his works as an underpinning; e.g., the psychology of right and wrong and the behavior of science.

Click HERE for an article disclosing Mr. Lehrer's shortcomings, and let's hope that no others like him get our attention in the future.