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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oliver Sacks, Hallucinations, and UFOs


A New Yorker article, in the 8/27/12 issue, by Oliver sacks, entitled “Altered States” is about the eminent neurologist’s use of drugs in his early years [Page 40 ff.].

As an Oliver Sack fan, I found the article disturbing: a man I admire was a pot-head and worse during his formative career years?

Setting aside Sacks’ extended confessional, The piece provides some neurological insights and truths that impact (or clarify) my views on why some (some!) UFO sightings and encounters may be attributable to neurological glitches in some witnesses.

Dr. Sacks notes this about migraine headaches, a common affliction among some of the human population:

“[Sacks] was fascinated by the range of symptoms and phenomena that could occur in migraine attacks. These attacks often included an aura, a prodome in which aberrations of perception and even hallucinations occurred. They were entirely benign and would last only a few minutes. [Page 47]

“….lasts only a few minutes.” (Important)

Using chloral hydrate to help him sleep, he related this incident at a coffee shop he frequented on his way to work:

“As I was stirring the coffee, It suddenly turned green then purple. I looked up startled, and saw that a customer  paying his bill at the cash register had a huge proboscidean head….Panic seized me; I…ran across the road to a bus…all the passengers on the bus seemed to have smooth white heads like giant eggs, with huge glittering eyes like the faceted compound eyes of insects…” [Italics, mine; Page 46]

He came to realize that he was hallucinating or experiencing some bizarre perceptual disorder.

When he stopped taking the Chloral Hydrate, he had withdrawal symptoms and a case of DTs (delirium tremens) – the after-effects that alcoholics suffers (and which was delineated in he classic movie, Lost Weekend, with Ray Milland.)
DTs’ produce images of insects, rodents (bats and mice), and other creatures, along with the shakes and debilitating behavior.

Sacks recounts an episode where he greets an old family friend, a psychoanalyst but thinks the friend is a duplicate, not the real person he knew….a replica.

She diagnosed the incident as a form of defense, a disassociation that was psychotic in nature and which he likened, upon reflection, as a bout of schizophrenia, dementia, or delirium known as Capgras syndrome. [Page 44]

Sacks used LSD, marijuana, and other chemicals for escape and sometimes as a sop to his curiosity about how the brain works. (The latter not so much in those formative years.)

His addiction to amphetamines has ceased he writes.

While this written mea culpa is disturbing to me, as a fan of Sacks writings, the article does provide grist to the ideas suggested here: that some UFO sightings and (especially) UFO encounters may stem from neurological bouts induced by drugs, some food stuffs, and/or just a physiological glitch in the brain, that is temporary usually.

Not all UFO accounts may be so based, but some surely are.

And I suggest that some of you who visit here and embark on criticism of the possibility of a neurological explanation for some UFO events, hie yourself to the neurological literature.

Then you may be able to opine in an intellectual way, rather than in an emotional, unread way, as the rabble responds to suggestions that quiver their belief systems.


Friday, August 24, 2012

One more egg-shaped UFO with a weird entity

Jose Caravaca provides a MUFON account of a 1952 UFO sighting that includes a weird entity encounter.

Click HERE to access Senor Caravaca's blog and the story.

USAF (or Marine Corps) UFO Instructions?

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca found these images in his files, and sent them to us, thinking they may be pages from a United States Air Force manual of some kind, even though the first page notes the United States Marine Corps. (Senor Caravaca has the images labeled 1976, which may be when he found them, not their date of origination, as the drawings seem to be from an era earlier than 1976):
Does anyone have any information about these drawings or the material from which they derive?


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Another egg-shaped UFO incident (or a medical condition?)

Spanish researcher Jose Caravaca provides (at his blog with us) a 1976 incident that is either a bona fide UFO sighting or is, like the Taylor incident in Scotland in 1979, the result of an epileptic event or a stroke.

Click HERE for Senor Caravaca's account of the encounter.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Martian UFOs?

We are not the only ones thinking NASA is hiding something, about Mars.

Click HERE for the latest Martian anomaly.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Robert Sheaffer -- WTF?

I've been a "fan" of Robert Sheaffer's skeptical outpourings for a long time; that is until I saw him on a UFO program recently.

This is a clue as to why I have to part ways with Mr. Sheaffer:
I'm not being superficial here, but Mr. Sheaffer has adopted a look, a facade that tells us a lot about how he's thinking nowadays.

I did a paper in college about how one's personal visage represents their mental condition and their intellectual abilities.

Neatly groomed persons, generally, have neat, logical mind processes. Scruffy, sloppy-looking, messy-haired individuals......well, you get the gist.

(My paper was online at our former RRRGroup blog a few years ago, and may still be found by a Google search. No, it's not my harangue about beards.)

Mr. Sheaffer, who was going bald and is bald, has adopted a cap and straggly hair of a longish dirty-looking kind. (He formerly looked rather dignified.)

According to my obtuse thesis, Mr. Sheaffer has lost his ability of clear-thinking and has given in to a messy confluence of bad, errant influences.

To example my point, Frank Warren's superb UFO site, The UFO Chronicles has a piece by Robert Hastings which skewers Mr. Sheaffer's current state of mind.

Click HERE for that "article."

Remember, if a person looks goofy, because they choose to look goofy -- not those who were cursed by the gods with goofy looks -- then you can assume, rightfully, that their pronouncements are goofy also.

It's a maxim that psychology has always flirted with....


Monday, August 20, 2012

What does NASA know, about Mars, that we don't?

NASA's persistence in probing Mars has been excessive and redundant. Why?

Does NASA know something that we don't?

Click HERE for an item about the ongoing search for life on the Red planet.


Ghost Rockets -- resurgent in Sweden.....

From Kerstin Übelacker:


My name is Kerstin and I'm the director of a documentary (supported by SVT - Swedish Television) about a Swedish UFO-organization. The film follows the investigation of Ghost Rockets - a phenomena which has been occuring in Sweden for decades where objects have been reported to crash into lakes throughout the country.

In two weeks time we’re heading out with UFO-Sweden on a massive expedition to a lake in the forests of northern Sweden. UFO-Sweden are bringing three specialist divers, two boats, a side sonar scanner, all in all over a ton of equipment which will be flown in with helicopter.

Anyone online can follow the planning and realisation of the expedition by liking our Facebook-page. We truly believe this is an extraordinary investigation into a unique phenomena that a lot of people would be interested in, and we would be very grateful if you would like to share this story.

See trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0slQwdHE5w4
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ghostrockets
Website: www.ghostrockets.se
Ghost Rockets on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghost_rockets 

For more details contact Kerstin Übelacker kerstin@ghostrockets.se

All the best,
Kerstin Übelacker

Zamora's egg-shaped UFO makes an appearance one month before his sighting....

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca found this story in his files:

(Billings_Gazette 3/5/1964)

Glasgow girl sees UFO: Another "Egg" Sighted

A 17 year old girl who preferred to remain anonymous reported she saw an unidentifield flying object near her home early Saturday.

The girl, described as "level headed" said she sighted the object as she drove to her rural home north of Glasgow about 1 a.m. from her job at a Glasgow hospital. She said she saw a large oval object, golden in color. She said as she turned her car, the object appeared to turn blue and gave the impression it was square on one side. The weather bureau reported skies were cloudy at the time of the sighting. The girl said the middle of the object blinked black then golden. She said she observed it as she dove north for three or four minutes unit it disappeared. Wednesday night a group of youngsters at Canyon Ferry near Helena report a glowing egg-shaped objetc. Four holes in a rough square and a burned area were studied by county and Air Force Officials.

Neither would comment officialy on their finding, but Lewis and Clark County sheriff´s officers were inclined to view the report and landing site as a hoax.

This account, along with others in the Socorro/Zamora sighting time-frame seem to corroborate Officer Zamora's observation, ruling out a hoax or a mis-identified prototypical lunar vehicle sighting -- a scenario we have always favored.


How it works!


We put stuff online here, usually unique things we find in obscure places or from our rarefied sources.

Kevin Randle reads our copy and places items from it on his blog, without noting where he found the item.

He did this with our Jonah Lehrer notes, especially the one about Wired magazine continuing to use Mr. Lehrer.

That came to us from a professional journalist site we subscribe to and which we doubt Mr. Randle has access to.

But Kevin slipped that note into his post about Mr. Lehrer, which was initially spurred by our take on the Lehrer bouhaha.

No, we don’t mind that Mr. Randle uses anything of ours. We just would like the courtesy of being mentioned as the source.

David Rudiak offered a reference to the Socorro insignia/symbol in a comment here (and elsewhere). He pointed to the source as Jerry Pippin.

But the reproductions of the symbol came from unique drawings from one of our guys, a fact that Mr. Rudiak didn’t know, not having seen our many takes on the insignia here.

How could he have known that Mr. Pippin misappropriated the drawings, without attribution?

UFO bloggers often purloin material from other UFO sites and blogs, without noting the original source, leaving the impression that they conjured up the material themselves.

It’s a journalistic no-no, but UFO people are not journalists or ethically steeped.

But that’s how it works…


Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Socorro "visitors" are back?

Jose Caravaca thinks so, and so do we...

Click HERE for the story.


A nail in the Socorro Hoax coffin?

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca provides one more UFO sighting, from 1973, that seems to indicate that egg-shaped UFOs made appearances all over the place in a time-frame that surrounds the Socorro/Zamora encounter....confirming that iconic 1964 encounter as something more than a misinterpretation of a prototype Earth craft or a prank that Officer Zamora was taken in by.

Click HERE for the account, which Senor Caravaca found at  http://www.mysteriousaustralia.com/bluemountains-triangle-ch5.html