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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Robert Sheaffer -- WTF?

I've been a "fan" of Robert Sheaffer's skeptical outpourings for a long time; that is until I saw him on a UFO program recently.

This is a clue as to why I have to part ways with Mr. Sheaffer:
I'm not being superficial here, but Mr. Sheaffer has adopted a look, a facade that tells us a lot about how he's thinking nowadays.

I did a paper in college about how one's personal visage represents their mental condition and their intellectual abilities.

Neatly groomed persons, generally, have neat, logical mind processes. Scruffy, sloppy-looking, messy-haired individuals......well, you get the gist.

(My paper was online at our former RRRGroup blog a few years ago, and may still be found by a Google search. No, it's not my harangue about beards.)

Mr. Sheaffer, who was going bald and is bald, has adopted a cap and straggly hair of a longish dirty-looking kind. (He formerly looked rather dignified.)

According to my obtuse thesis, Mr. Sheaffer has lost his ability of clear-thinking and has given in to a messy confluence of bad, errant influences.

To example my point, Frank Warren's superb UFO site, The UFO Chronicles has a piece by Robert Hastings which skewers Mr. Sheaffer's current state of mind.

Click HERE for that "article."

Remember, if a person looks goofy, because they choose to look goofy -- not those who were cursed by the gods with goofy looks -- then you can assume, rightfully, that their pronouncements are goofy also.

It's a maxim that psychology has always flirted with....