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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rumi's mystical vision or a UFO sighting?

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Jelaluddin Rumi (aka Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Balkhī [1207-1273], the Sufi mystic, provided this poetic passage, which can be found in The Essential Rumi, [Quality Paperback book Club, NY, 1995, Page 263 ff.]:

The Visions of Daquqi

“One day I was going along….

I came to the shore at twilight and saw seven candles.

I hurried along the beach toward them. The light of each lifted into the sky.

 I was amazed. My amazement was amazed. Waves of bewilderment broke over my head.

What are these candles that no one seems to see?

…Then the seven became one, in the middle of the sky’s rim…

Then that seven fanned out again.

There were connections between the candles that cannot be said.

I saw, but I cannot say.

I ran closer. I fell. I lay there awhile.

I got up and ran again. I had no head and no feet.

They became seven men. And then seven trees, so dense with leaves and fruit that no limbs were visible.

Flashes of light spurted from each fruit like juice!

,..hundreds of thousands of people were passing beside the trees…and no one saw the trees.

…If anyone had said, Look! Over here! they would have thought him insane or drunk.

How can this happen? Or am I dreaming?”

This passage in not atypical of other mystical visions of the saints or other religious avatars.

But it also resembles some of the visions or testimony of UFO witnesses, especially those witnesses that Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca has provided for us.

A perusal of UFO encounters will offer similar, quasi-mystical accounts; e.g., The 1968 Buff Ledge, Vermont account, the 1974 Carl Higdon episode, the 1977 Tom Dawson encounter, et cetera.

We are faced with alternatives: either Rumi’s Daquqi had a UFO sighting or those UFO witnesses noted above had a mystical experience, one that has been given a UFO patina.

Richard Bucke’s masterpiece, Cosmic Consciousness deals with sudden epiphanies – visions of things transcendent and beyond splendor or reason.

The Daquqi account is one such epiphany. But are some UFO encounters epiphanies also? Just marred by being transcribed in prosaic terms by UFO researchers not versed in mystical literature?

Just exactly what are mystical visions? Mental aberrations? Or a peek into a reality that lies outside the mundane world?

And what exactly are UFO sightings?