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Friday, August 31, 2012

A listing of Jonah Lehrer's infractions

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The Future of Ufology (by Nick Redfern)

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The soul-killing UFO obsession – or is it an addiction?


It is so blatant, the addiction – the obsession – that some have with and about the UFO topic, not UFOs, but the topic of UFOs.

That UFOs, as subject matter, have consumed some is obvious, if one has been paying attention to the surfeited material about UFOs just on the world-wide internet.

That marriages, jobs, and lives have been interrupted or set aside by some men and women in the pursuit of the ephemeral UFO phenomenon is palpable and disheartening (to the rational among us).

UFO UpDates Errol Bruce-Knapp has taken money from his sock to keep his UFO list alive. His Toronto life-style may be diminished but his devotion to UFOs is intact and a top priority apparently. (And his socks are severely tattered.)

David Rudiak is so absorbed by Roswell, Socorro, and other iconic UFO events that he has given up a life of reasoned ratiocination to tilt at skeptics and debunkers to the detriment of a sane public persona.

Jerome Clark gave up a good mind, skilled in musical knowledge and early Christian history, to pursue UFOs from an early age. That he regrets his wasted intellectualism is arguable, but a divorce and a pandering obeisance to UFO UpDates tells us something is wrong, somewhere in his life.

Stanton Friedman, a nuclear engineer once, sacrificed all that for his pursuit of the UFO mystery and a life usurped by writing, talking, and immersion in that mystery, side-lining his once-purposeful existence, totally.

You’ve all stumbled across the volcanic effusions of Martin Shough, Ray Dickenson, or Steve Sawyer, men needing to be cathartic with their limited and often useless UFO information.

They puke UFO detritus as if it were their daily bread, and it seems to be.

Even we have given up a late-night sandwich or early morning swim to input something about UFOs online. (But, no, we’re hardly obsessed in the manic sense that those named here are.)

What we’re trying to say here is that, for some, UFOs, as a topic, has assumed their lives, in an obsessional way that is not healthy nor sane.

It’s just an observation on our part but there it is…