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Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Socorro Test Craft?

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca discovered this item in a July 1963 Popular Science issue.

The manufacturer worked out of Houston, Texas.

Did the government test this "vehicle" in New Mexico, near Socorro, in April 1964?

Friday, September 07, 2012

UFOs: Living in the past (A nostalgic regression)


My previous posting about obsessional ufology needs a supplement, and it’s this…

While many UFO mavens are addicted, detrimentally, to the study of UFOs, there are many others who, like me, aren’t neurotically connected to the phenomenon but who use UFOs as a nostalgic retreat to a seemingly better, former time.

The clue for this resides in my observation that quite a few of my personal contacts in the UFO field are slavish about songs or music that derives from an earlier period in their lives; they need to showcase old songs or music that reminds them of their youth or, at least, a more desirous time in their former years.

Some of those so inclined include our own Anthony Bragalia, Gilles Fernandez, Frank Stalter, David Biedny, Paul Kimball, and a few others.

These fellows surfeit the internet with their favorite music, and it’s rarely a classical piece or contemporary number. It’s invariably something from the late 1970s or 1980s.

They also, like me, feel a nostalgic reverberation about old UFO sightings: Arnold’s, Roswell, Socorro, RB-47, Rendlesham, or the Hill case.

The Hill case ,and others form the 50s or early 60s resonate with UFO geezers: Stanton Friedman, Jerry Clark, CDA, me.

The earliest  UFO incidents also attract the UFO aficionados, but only insofar as precursors to their later interest in UFOs. (They hardly ever refer to flying saucers. That’s an old person’s sobriquet. UFOs belong to Boomers and newbies.)

The point is that some of us, who aren’t so distilled by UFOs that we’ve given up real life to scratch that obsessional itch, still like the comfy cozy nature of old UFO tales, many of which tickled us when we were teenagers or younger persons.

The need to surround ourselves with music from the past adds to the nostalgic ambiance we seek as middle age or old age creeps up on us.

So, UFOs seem to serve as a side-track for many of us – some more seriously than others, as noted earlier here.

But still, UFOs are the underlying cause of a dereliction to life, as it really is and as it really should be lived.

(Also, why so many uncultured blokes in the UFO community?  Rock music instead of  Beethoven? It’s despairing.)


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Nick Redfern's Latest Book

Nick Redfern’s “The World’s Weirdest Places” [New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ] appears September 15th, 2012, selling for $15.99 at online and brick and mortar book sellers (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Anomalist, et al.).

Nick Redfern is one of my favorite authors, not just because he’s a cogent, intelligent writer, but because he always (always!) manages to provide information in his books that would remain hidden or obscure to us peons if it were not for his diligent perusal of FOIA documents and sources where esoteric goodies are hidden.

He does that in this book – telling readers Roswell, Sedonia, Australian (et cetera) stories that have not heard before, nor ever would, without Nick’s disclosures.

While the book’s main intent is to enlighten readers about weird elements in various vicinities (Death Valley, Wales, the Devil’s Sea near Japan, Loch Ness, Guyana, and many more), his aside about UFOs in those places will pique our blog visitors’ interests particularly.

I’m not a big fan of weird places, per se, finding enough weirdness close at hand everyday.

But Nick managed to introduce me to weird places elsewhere, places that I’d like to check into, just to flesh out my weak knowledge about eerie nooks and crannies around the world: Mount Shasta, Jefferson (Texas), the Caucasus (Mountains), the Han River, Vietnam, et al.)

His chapter (21) on Reykjavik, Iceland was particularly, peculiarly interesting to me, with tales of trolls, mischief makers, and a UFO incident that should be known by UFO aficionados.

The book is dotted with images and photography (much of it by Nick, himself, from his travels to the places he’s reporting on).

Nick operates as a journalist, not just as a prose writer. He marshals facts and information as any good journalist should. (Journalism is a vocation of his.)

For instance, in his chapter (14) on the Kremlin, Nick recounts some stories about Stalin and his (Stalin’s) connection to Roswell; stories that are bizarre (weird!) and intriguing. (Page 105 ff.)

If you want an edifying book about weird things at the fringe of our world, get this book (September 15th).

There are 25 Chapters and 224 pages of really juicy stories in this book. It’s a terrific fount of information for $16 bucks.

You can find out more about it at The Career Press (New Page Book’s company:


Monday, September 03, 2012


Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc.

My colleague on the Roswell research team, Dr. David Rudiak, has been vocal in his disagreement with me about the true nature of the 1964 Socorro UFO sighting by Lonnie Zamora. It is not essential that all members of the team agree with one another at all times about all aspects of Roswell or about all UFO cases. We do not, yet we continue to remain civil and cooperative.

It is not necessary for me to refute all the critics about how the Socorro UFO hoax was done, though, as some demand of me. The ways and means of the hoax are secondary to the fact that it was indeed a hoax. Just as it is not important for me to understand the intricacies of how the Bomb explodes - and it is only needed for me to know that it is massively deadly- so to it is with Socorro. I do not need to solve motion problems or other atmospheric or physics questions about the event.Hoaxers, like magicians, do not always like to reveal their secrets. Some of them adhere to the Magician’s Code: “Oppose the willful exposure to the public of the methods employed in any illusion.”


That said, I did effectively address the first issue (that ultimately was an irrelevant “non-issue”)brought up by David- that the International Paper (IP) logo as inspiration for the Red Insignia on the craft, as reported by Zamora. Though insisting the inspirative logo was not in use until after the sighting, I effectively disproved David and others about this, by showing that in reality the logo was indeed in use years before the sighting. This came through both the Graphis Annual of 1961 (compiled in 1960) and by the estate of the designer (Bealle) as well as through other sources and early images that were located.


The second issue is that of wind direction, another issue on which David is provably in error. Davidlocated historical wind records for Socorro for that day and reasons that prevailing winds that day would not allow for a large Sky Lantern to go against those winds. Therefore, he definitively reasons, it could not be a hoax. But David is deficient in his overly-lengthy analysis. There is no need to go to such obsessive posts. This is because:

The reported path and distance traveled of a rapidly-moving, aloft object can only be as “accurate” as the observation made by the individual on the ground reporting it:

-          - Lonnie was the sole witness to the entire event. Everything about the path of the object and the duration of his sighting of the object (which Lonnie radioed to his police partner looked like a balloon!) is based on one individual and his lone perception.

-          - His perception was clouded by being angered at the young speeder who led him to the scene; startled by the explosion he heard that diverted him to the staging area; and frightened by the sight and sounds he experienced. There is also credible testimony from well-placed individuals who knew Lonnie that he drank, including on the job.

-          - He had very poor vision and required thick, corrective lenses.

-          - He lost his glasses and had to recover his glasses. Lonnie, a large and unfit man, had to hunt for them unaided and place them back on and re-position himself upright to continue to view the event.

Other “wind” considerations include that:

-          - Wind data is collected to reflect far larger spans of time that the scant minute or so that Zamora says that he saw the thing.

-          - Aloft objects can be taken in different directions (and at fast distances) for brief (and sometimes extended) periods of time. Such objects can ride wind waves or wind eddies that make them appear to do all kinds of things.

-          - Crosswinds, sudden wind gusts and momentary changes in wind conditions (such as a sudden stillness of blowing wind) within localized areas are common (especially in April) all over the country. And of course (even today) they go unreported or not detailed in official wind records. Kids go out in March and April to go fly kites know about these real-world wind dynamics this all too well. If one would only get off the chair and away from the computer and actually go outside and see for yourself- one would see that these things are commonplace.

But the two strongest reasons for dismissal of such wind data as presented by David are these:

-          - The hoax UFO balloon (with a burning flame beneath it and hot air rising within it) is a Self-Propelled Object in the skyDavid wholly ignores this extremely important consideration in his lengthy pieces on Socorro winds. The reality is that such a high burn balloon is an energetic, powered, aloft object. It is “automotive” and thus capable of moving dynamically on its own within wind currents!

-          - When it comes to wind and Sky Lanterns, looks are very deceiving. This fact was duly noted by the UK-UFO website on December 23, 2010 when England was in the midst of a Chinese lantern hoax wave. The site warns: “Please note that the wind direction at ground level is not necessarily the same at the height at which the lantern is travelling . This may give the appearance that it is travelling against the wind.” And remember that Lonnie was positioned at odd angles while viewing this object, including admitting to crouching and to be cowered behind a car door.


I beseech everyone, including David, to go to YouTube and enter “SupermegaKube Sky Lantern or see it here:

View in full–screen and advance to 1:34 for the launch. At 2:31 things get interesting and the Lantern looks like a real spaceship! At 2:41 it makes a spontaneous change in direction. The whole thing shows it moving against and with wind- and it can appear to do other maneuvers- though it is just the angle of the view on the ground filming (and sudden wind shifts!) that creates this effect. If one were to view various YouTube lantern videos done in various wind and environmental conditions, one would see that the way these things look from the ground are often not what they are really doing in the air, simply put.

Such massive balloon lanterns almost take on a life of their own when they are aloft- and they deceive many, like Lonnie.

Anthony Bragalia

Jose Caravaca provides a classic UFO encounter to augment his Distortion Theory

Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca, one of our colleagues, demonstrates that the 1950 Linke UFO encounter in East Germany is an example that offers sustenance to his Theory of Distortion.

Click HERE for Senor Caravaca's rumination...

Sunday, September 02, 2012

UFO Sculptures

Dear Member,
UFO Evolution and FXSculpture have teamed up to open a store which sells very high quality premium alien sculptures. These sculptures are all set to appear in upcoming Hollywood Movies. The heads are almost lifesize (If we know what that is), come in two different colours and store energy from daylight to glow-up in the dark. These would make a great purchase for collectors, or even just a fantastic and original christmas present for someone who has a interest in UFOs and Aliens.

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FXSculpture are based in the South West of England. We work with Jesmonite and Strontium Aluminate, from which we are developing a number of products. As specialist sculptors, pattern, model and mould makers we also work with others to help develop new, innovative and unique sculpture, models and interior furnishings.

These modern, new and unique Glowing Alien sculptures are created by using traditional production moulding and casting techniques in combination with the latest technology and environmentally friendly materials. They are cast in Jesmonite and Strontium-Aluminate, which is a rare, earth material that absorbs daylight and produces a lasting glow in green and aqua blue.

The head, collar, body and eyes are all moulded and cast in parts, so that a variety of coloured pigments can be added to create a custom finish. They are then assembled, polished and waxed, giving them a unique soft, tactile quality. More products will eventually follow.

All payments are taken through PayPal which is 100% secure and safe. Please choose from two different colours. Green, or Aqua Blue. All products are made to the highest quality and even glow in the dark.

Best Regards...

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