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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alien Abductions and UFO Encounters: A Psychic Explanation

In Man and His Symbols, Edited by Carl Jung [A Laurel Edition of Dell Publishing Co., NY 1968], a Chapter by M. –L. von Franz, The Process of Individuation shows, on page 187, this image by Jan van de Velde II entitled Young Witch (1626):
The Chapter itself deals with Jung’s archetypes, the Anima, which is the universal female element that shows up in men’s dreams during times of psychical stress.

The etching by Jan van de Velde II provides some of the accompanying imagery that attends the dream.

Note the small creatures (imps) and demons that are represented.

Do these kinds of images seem similar in kind to the descriptives provided by abductees or experiencers?

The Animus, the male archetype that invades a woman’s psyche during times of stress offers imagery from the collective (and personal) unconscious also.

Franz includes this image from a female patient-dreamer [Page 233] – a golden disk or mandala, which looks very much like some images of UFOs drawn by witnesses:
What is being suggested is that psychic stress brings forth archetypal images or symbols, and I find that such imagery and/or symbology is at the root of abduction accounts -- the cause.

Even Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory can accommodate the images that Jung and his followers found surfacing during their excursions in depth psychology.

This means, for me, that alien abduction stories can almost always be attributed to mental stress or disorientations rather than a UFO kidnapping.

Also most UFO encounters, such as those enumerated here recently, can also be accounted for by analytical psychology, Jung’s theories of the archetypes particularly with a reference to the personal unconscious that allows for the things seen or experienced by Senor Carvaca’s UFO witnesses.

Other UFO sightings, generally, despite Jung’s thesis in Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, are exempt in my mind from the mandala or archetype explanation.

Some UFOs are or have been tangible, material objects, leaving traces or radar signals and other evidence for tangibility, real existence.

(This is why I prefer calling UFOs phenomena rather than a phenomenon.)

But abductions and most encounters are or have been psychological, neurological in nature.

Those accounts come from within, not without, as Bruce Duensing seems to indicate.

Now let’s try to down or capture one of the hard material UFOs, to find out just exactly what those things are.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Egg-Shaped UFOs: Vehicles of the Gods?

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Caravaca’s enthusiasm for egg-shaped UFO sightings is punctuated by the 1964 Socorro/Zamora sighting that maintains a lot of interest from us.

In the 1975 book, The Zarkon Principle by Zarkon [A Signet Book from the New American Library, Page10 ff.], the unidentified author recounts various mythologies that tell of gods emerging from egg-shaped craft.
The author notes that “There is a beautiful stone carving that shows, in relief, a god coming out of an egg that, marked with zodiac signs, represents the Earth. The god is Mithras, worshipped between 1400 B.C. and A.D. 400 by the Indians, Greeks and Persians and taken to Britain by the Romans. It is kept in a museum at Newcastle-upon-Tyne.” [Page 12]

The author also provides several creation myths, one of which tells that “the sun god ho created all things emerged from an egg deposited on an island by eight beings…[and] according to an inscription on the tomb of a priest at Hermopolis, around 400 B.C., pilgrims were still being shown the fragments of this ‘egg.’” [Page 11]

That egg-shaped god-vehicles were plentiful in early myths is interesting to some of us, as egg-shaped UFOs were almost ubiquitous in the 1960-1969 time-frame, with the Socorro event being the most noteworthy.

Zarkon notes a November 6, 1967 sighting, by Karl Barlow of Dawley, Shropshire who, while driving his truck, spotted a bright object above the trees. Barlow’s truck-lights and radio went dead as the egg-shaped object hovered over the road.

The UFO dispensed a tube “like the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner…and began to suck up samples of grass, gravel, and leaves from both sides of the road.” [Page 50]

Another driver experienced the event when his car stalled and his lights went dead; both cars said to be checked by a mechanic afterwards and found to be okay, except that their batteries were drained. [Page 51]

Jose Caravaca and we have provided a number of egg-shaped UFO sightings here and elsewhere, and we ask these questions:

Where did egg-shaped god-craft go after their ancient appearances? And why a lacuna of egg-shaped craft until the 1960s? Then another disappearance after the 70s pretty much, with little or no egg-shaped UFO sightings of any significance currently?

Of course, the two “beings” that Lonnie Zamora saw near the egg-shaped craft, landed in the Socorro arroyo, and those beings said to be gods, debarking from egg-shaped craft in the old myths, are not actually gods.

(The philosophical/theological definitions of God preclude a divine interpretation for such UFO presences.)

But what or who has been seen coming forth from egg-shaped UFOs? Extraterrestrial/alien beings? Hoaxers (per the Bragalia Socorro theory)? Engineers (per the Hughes LEM prototype theory)?

The Socorro hoax hypothesis and the Hughes prototype “explanation” can’t, obviously, account for the early/ancient sightings. And the God interpretation is facile, theologically glib.

So what was or is the message being sent by egg-shaped UFO sightings?

Is it too late to find out?


Sunday, September 09, 2012

Roswell's Liars?


Scientific American used this in an article about Liars in America:

Mark Twain wrote more than a century ago: "Everybody lies ... every day, every hour, awake, asleep, in his dreams, in his joy, in his mourning. If he keeps his tongue still his hands, his feet, his eyes, his attitude will convey deception. Deceit is fundamental to the human condition."

What spurred me to look for material on liars and lying was a reference to Eli Benjamin (a pseudonym) at Kevin Randle’s blog.

The citation was a YouTube video of Eli Benjamin claiming to Richard Dolan that he (Benjamin) had transported alien bodies from the alleged 1947 Roswell flying disk crash.

Here’s the video link:

Does Mr. Benjamin seem credible? Yes, he does, in a way. (His response to Mr. Dolan is hesitant, but that is to be expected, as what he alleges he saw would still provide a traumatic aftermath, even sixty years later.)

While we have always, like Gilles Fernandez and CDA,  had caveats about Roswell witness memory, we have to ask, Were and are such witnesses sociopathic liars, one and all?

Is or was there a confluence of deceit endemic to Roswell residents?

Could there be so many liars (or mentally confused) concentrated in that one area of the United States?

Mark Twain would have  thought so, but is such a concentration of memory-challenged or outright liars possible, for the Roswell vicinity?

That so many persons would be memory corrupt or out-and-out liars seems statistically outlandish.

Is their a psychological mechanism that could account for overwhelming deception or confabulation?

Yes, mass hysteria, which we’ve addressed a number of times, earlier here and elsewhere.

But even such an etiology for a massive memory flaw or outright deception, despite Twain’s observation, strikes us as improbable, unlikely, if one accepts the general decency of people.

Looking at Roswell witness testimony through the lens of ufology skews our acceptance of that testimony.

Ufologists, by and large, alter Roswell or UFO witness testimony by virtue (or vice) of their biases and ineptitude.

Ufologists are not professional interviewers or even have journalistic acumen, generally. They have corrupted witness testimony with leading questions and stupidly considered preferences that they’ve brought to the table when interviewing Roswell or UFO witnesses.

Kevin Randle’s book about his early years as a UFO researcher or investigator provides ample evidence, first-hand acknowledgement of the botched vicissitudes of UFO interviewing.

CDA has often noted how Stanton Friedman seems to have corrupted the early Marcel story.

And even in the Benjamin YouTube video, you can see how Richard Dolan leads Benjamin to a story of extraterrestrial alien bodies on medical gurneys.

So, objective observation of Roswell or UFO testimony is warped by the messy interviewing of incompetent ufologists.

But that aside, is it possible that all of the Roswell stories are faked or were/are conceived by influences of a hysterical kind?

It seems unlikely but isn’t impossible.

The matter needs a thorough examination or a total dismissal if one is satisfied that the whole Roswell story stems from a relatively minor incident that has mushroomed into a mythos that is so ingrained in the American psyche that it matters not what the reality or truth is.

For us, the UFO mystery transcends Roswell. It, the UFO enigma, is akin to, but much more than, what Carl Jung saw it as.

Jung was on the right track, but didn’t go into the matter quite as much as it required.

After all, Jung, like all sensible persons, knew that UFOs were and are peripheral to life, in the practical, meaningful sense.