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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alien Abductions and UFO Encounters: A Psychic Explanation

In Man and His Symbols, Edited by Carl Jung [A Laurel Edition of Dell Publishing Co., NY 1968], a Chapter by M. –L. von Franz, The Process of Individuation shows, on page 187, this image by Jan van de Velde II entitled Young Witch (1626):
The Chapter itself deals with Jung’s archetypes, the Anima, which is the universal female element that shows up in men’s dreams during times of psychical stress.

The etching by Jan van de Velde II provides some of the accompanying imagery that attends the dream.

Note the small creatures (imps) and demons that are represented.

Do these kinds of images seem similar in kind to the descriptives provided by abductees or experiencers?

The Animus, the male archetype that invades a woman’s psyche during times of stress offers imagery from the collective (and personal) unconscious also.

Franz includes this image from a female patient-dreamer [Page 233] – a golden disk or mandala, which looks very much like some images of UFOs drawn by witnesses:
What is being suggested is that psychic stress brings forth archetypal images or symbols, and I find that such imagery and/or symbology is at the root of abduction accounts -- the cause.

Even Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory can accommodate the images that Jung and his followers found surfacing during their excursions in depth psychology.

This means, for me, that alien abduction stories can almost always be attributed to mental stress or disorientations rather than a UFO kidnapping.

Also most UFO encounters, such as those enumerated here recently, can also be accounted for by analytical psychology, Jung’s theories of the archetypes particularly with a reference to the personal unconscious that allows for the things seen or experienced by Senor Carvaca’s UFO witnesses.

Other UFO sightings, generally, despite Jung’s thesis in Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies, are exempt in my mind from the mandala or archetype explanation.

Some UFOs are or have been tangible, material objects, leaving traces or radar signals and other evidence for tangibility, real existence.

(This is why I prefer calling UFOs phenomena rather than a phenomenon.)

But abductions and most encounters are or have been psychological, neurological in nature.

Those accounts come from within, not without, as Bruce Duensing seems to indicate.

Now let’s try to down or capture one of the hard material UFOs, to find out just exactly what those things are.