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Friday, October 05, 2012

The Other Side of Truth and the Many Sides of Paul Kimball


For Paul Kimball it’s not the destination but the journey.

And his new book, pictured here, is a travelogue of his journey, through life and its fringes:


The 234 page book is a glorious pastiche of things personal (about Paul) and things paranormal and transcendental, including the elements of culture.

Paul takes readers through his excursions into the unknown or mysterious, inviting his audience to share in his rather intimate adventures, with art, music, film, friends, and those odd aspects of life, including ghosts, UFOs, reincarnation, synchronicity, obtuse religious sects, et cetera.

If you want an insight to the mind of this film-maker, potential book publisher, play director, bon vivant, and popular member of the UFO community, this is a book you’ll enjoy, immensely.

Paul recounts the extraordinary bout with Cosmic Consciousness that occurred for or to Reverend Henry Alline in 1775.

The event threads its way through Paul’s book, but is told as a paranormal-like revelation rather than the kind of thing that Richard Bucke enumerated in his book about revelatory instances that some great men had.

Paul tells about his encounters with “ghosts” or apparitions that could be called ghosts.

The book invites readers to see life as an investigation of all things; an investigation that encompasses Mac Tonnies’ hypothesis of cryptoterrestrials – Paul provides paean to his friend Tonnies – and  the work of other close pals who frequent the halls of ufology and the paranormal altogether: Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern among them.

But the gist of the book can be said to keep an open mind about everything, and I mean everything.

Synopses of books, music, and profound thought infuse the book with erudite gems. The footnotes, themselves, are fraught with enough material to keep the curious intellectual engrossed.

The Bibliography is a cornucopia of reading material that will gladden the heart of the truth-seeker.

(There’s even a pastiche about Paul’s favorite UFO event – the 1957 RB-47 incident. The episode is outlined beginning on Page 185. It, along, with other UFO sightings provide a taste of that mystery, but do not overwhelm the content or meaning of the book.)

I can’t do justice to the contents of this book; it is fecund with information and insight that readers will savor and have to think seriously about.

That Paul is well-read is obvious. That he’s a musician is overt too. His adoration of beautiful women is blatant. And his life has been and continues to be a journey of thought, fun, and a search for truth, which remains elusive and many-sided for him….and for us all.

(Wonderful photographs and art works supplement the writing.)

Published by Redstar Books,
 a division of Redstar Films Limited
2541 Robie Street, Halifax, NS B3K 4N3


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Heated (and stupid) argumentation about the Ancient Astronaut Theory


Our good friend and “colleague” Gilles Fernandez opened his Facebook page to a discussion about the Ancient Astronaut theory.

Gilles presented some Mike Heiser site locations from Mike’s site Ancient Aliens Debunked and a YouTube video:


The discussion at Gilles’ FB page has devolved into a back-and-forth between me and a few academic reprobates,

I see AA theory as interesting conjecture and opinion, sometimes goofy but usually intriguing and imaginatively speculative.

Gilles and his FB cohorts hate AA theorists with a passion and are livid that anyone would enjoy their “nonsense.”

My view is that AA theory (or its hypotheses) is only as speculative as some archeological and anthropological theories – which I claim are as divided and often as speculative as the AA suggestions.

Moreover, Gilles and his friends see the creative musings of Von Däniken and his (as Gilles’ amis have it) lackey Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as fraudulent in extremis.

Gilles and his pals have gotten a little over-heated about the issue and are not debating academically or sensibly.

And I see that as a psychological quirk: the debunkers are fearful of belief systems that rival their own.

Those of you who are interested – and I doubt many of you are – and have a Facebook account might access Gilles page to get in on the fray.

It’s not edifying but may engage your need for vituperation, a flush commodity in the UFO community and particularly among UFO skeptics – a hardy vocal group.


Monday, October 01, 2012

Adamski’s aliens in Brazil, eons ago?

Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc.


My friend and colleague, Spanish researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, saw my posting about alien scribblings and provided addenda about the controversial findings of noted archeologist Marcel Homet, who some have claimed, discovered, in the cavern known as Pedra Pintada  in the Amazon River basin near the town of Monte Alegre in northern Brazil, images that duplicated, exactly, those provided by George Adamski's flying saucer visitors in the 1950s

Archeologist Homet provided images from the cavern that allegedly were the very same as the images that Adamski’s Venusian alien left in a shoe print on a desert floor in 1952 and also inserted on a roll of film, replacing a photo on that roll:


Googling Pedra Pintada will show a display of pictographs and images from the cavern in question, none that match exactly what Professor Homet allegedly gathered for presentation in 1962 and used as verification of the Adamski extraterrestrial “messages” – implying that Adamski’s aliens were regular visitors who left messages -- the same messages – in places as desolate and obscure as the Pedra Pintada cavern.

Here are some legitimate images found in the Brazilian mountainous cave:




Here are images that Professor Homet purportedly found that were compared to the Adamski drawings, which had been publicized ten years earlier in Adamski’s book Flying Saucers Have Landed:




Jose writes that the researcher Marc Hallet says Homet read "Flying Saucers Have Landed" before publishing his own book, Sons of the Sun, but Hallet found no evidence of deceit.

In my research I could not find the "group of symbols" in the "pedra pintada" ... Apparently nobody knows the location of such symbols I talked once with my friend Pablo Villarrubia (BrazilianHispanic) who said he knew nothing of the incident.

Homet in his book does not mention Adamski. Neither does he  publish the Adamski drawings.

Homet in his book, Sons of the Sun, cites the symbols (which after researchers discovered and compared with Adamski), but does not say exactly where it is. Although the photo caption linked these symbols with drawings in Pedra Pintada. In the text of the book there are not  references to these symbols.

This statue was included in Professor Homet’s book, but the “alien drawings” were not included.


Does it seem reasonable that Adamski’s Venusian messages would be found, verbatim, in a hidden cavern in Brazil – those alleged cavern images dating from a time eons before Adamski’s alleged contacts?

The story untrigues.

Jose Caravca


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is ET nuts or just sloppy?

 Copyright 2012, InterAmerica, Inc.

Inside Max Miller’s 1967 magazine, Flying Saucers, pictured here…
is a piece by Bob Grant entitled “George Adamski: First Ambassador to Outer Space?" [Page 61 ff.]

The piece contained many of the (in)famous photos taken by Adamski, allegedly of flying saucers, mother ships, and alien message, like this one:
The caption indicates that Adamski’s alien visitors left this encyrypted of undecipherable message on a roll of film, in place of the photo that was originally there.

It purports to be an explanation of how flying saucers are propelled: their propulsion system.

Of course the message is loony.

All of Adamski’s messages from his Venusian visitors are as loopy and sloppy as this one, including the message imprinted by Orthon’s shoe in the desert:

Here are a few examples of other messages, allegedly left by alien visitors:
This from a 1988 “visitation”
Two, one from John Reeves in Brookesville, Florida, 1965 (upper) and one from Sao Paolo in 1959.

(We’ve placed these “symbols” online earlier here)

The question arises: why would anyone see these as messages from a supposedly advanced alien, extraterrestrial race or races?

Of course, no one did or does now.

And why, we’ve asked before, would an extraterrestrial culture leave markings similar to those, sloppy as they are, to Earthian scribblings – particularly scribblings by psychotics and/or schizophrenics?

Either the progenitors of the sightings – Adamski, Granchi, Reeves, et al. – created the scribblings or markings – almost a certitude – or alien visitors are pathologically malformed.

It has to be the progenitors, doesn’t it?

Or are those “beings” that keep showing up in UFO encounters, like those provided by UFO researcher Jose Caravaca, just insane intruders from outer space, time dimensions, parallel universes, or our imaginations?

No matter where they come from, they are messy, sloppy message-leavers.

And what would we human beings get from them that’s worthwhile? They’re nuts.