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Monday, October 01, 2012

Adamski’s aliens in Brazil, eons ago?

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My friend and colleague, Spanish researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca, saw my posting about alien scribblings and provided addenda about the controversial findings of noted archeologist Marcel Homet, who some have claimed, discovered, in the cavern known as Pedra Pintada  in the Amazon River basin near the town of Monte Alegre in northern Brazil, images that duplicated, exactly, those provided by George Adamski's flying saucer visitors in the 1950s

Archeologist Homet provided images from the cavern that allegedly were the very same as the images that Adamski’s Venusian alien left in a shoe print on a desert floor in 1952 and also inserted on a roll of film, replacing a photo on that roll:


Googling Pedra Pintada will show a display of pictographs and images from the cavern in question, none that match exactly what Professor Homet allegedly gathered for presentation in 1962 and used as verification of the Adamski extraterrestrial “messages” – implying that Adamski’s aliens were regular visitors who left messages -- the same messages – in places as desolate and obscure as the Pedra Pintada cavern.

Here are some legitimate images found in the Brazilian mountainous cave:




Here are images that Professor Homet purportedly found that were compared to the Adamski drawings, which had been publicized ten years earlier in Adamski’s book Flying Saucers Have Landed:




Jose writes that the researcher Marc Hallet says Homet read "Flying Saucers Have Landed" before publishing his own book, Sons of the Sun, but Hallet found no evidence of deceit.

In my research I could not find the "group of symbols" in the "pedra pintada" ... Apparently nobody knows the location of such symbols I talked once with my friend Pablo Villarrubia (BrazilianHispanic) who said he knew nothing of the incident.

Homet in his book does not mention Adamski. Neither does he  publish the Adamski drawings.

Homet in his book, Sons of the Sun, cites the symbols (which after researchers discovered and compared with Adamski), but does not say exactly where it is. Although the photo caption linked these symbols with drawings in Pedra Pintada. In the text of the book there are not  references to these symbols.

This statue was included in Professor Homet’s book, but the “alien drawings” were not included.


Does it seem reasonable that Adamski’s Venusian messages would be found, verbatim, in a hidden cavern in Brazil – those alleged cavern images dating from a time eons before Adamski’s alleged contacts?

The story untrigues.

Jose Caravca