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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Heated (and stupid) argumentation about the Ancient Astronaut Theory


Our good friend and “colleague” Gilles Fernandez opened his Facebook page to a discussion about the Ancient Astronaut theory.

Gilles presented some Mike Heiser site locations from Mike’s site Ancient Aliens Debunked and a YouTube video:


The discussion at Gilles’ FB page has devolved into a back-and-forth between me and a few academic reprobates,

I see AA theory as interesting conjecture and opinion, sometimes goofy but usually intriguing and imaginatively speculative.

Gilles and his FB cohorts hate AA theorists with a passion and are livid that anyone would enjoy their “nonsense.”

My view is that AA theory (or its hypotheses) is only as speculative as some archeological and anthropological theories – which I claim are as divided and often as speculative as the AA suggestions.

Moreover, Gilles and his friends see the creative musings of Von Däniken and his (as Gilles’ amis have it) lackey Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as fraudulent in extremis.

Gilles and his pals have gotten a little over-heated about the issue and are not debating academically or sensibly.

And I see that as a psychological quirk: the debunkers are fearful of belief systems that rival their own.

Those of you who are interested – and I doubt many of you are – and have a Facebook account might access Gilles page to get in on the fray.

It’s not edifying but may engage your need for vituperation, a flush commodity in the UFO community and particularly among UFO skeptics – a hardy vocal group.