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Monday, October 08, 2012

Three Examples of Jose Caravaca's Distortion Theory


Our colleague, Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca has provided three examples of UFO encounters that support his Theory of Distortion.

Click HERE to access his blog for his latest posting.

Betty Hill's Recollection of Alien Symbols

Terry the Censor provided a linked image of Betty Hill's note about the "writing" she saw on a "book" in the alien craft that allegedly abducted her and her husband, Barney.

Here's Betty's remembrance:


Terry notes that this aspect of the purported Hill encounter hasn't received much ufological attention. Why not?

We are absorbed by the small residue of extraterrestrial symbols, most hoaxed, admittedly, but think the Zamora-seen insignia is significant to the denouement of that event.

Did Betty Hill actually see/remember, under hypnosis, alien writing? And if so, can it be deciphered? Or is it a mental confabulation (from within Ms. Hill's fervid mind)?

We don't think the Hill's created a hoax. They had a "real" experience, the nature of which is still open to scrutiny and discussion. We think the Hills were involved in a folie a deux brought on by something unusual that  triggered their incident, which, at its base, was an hallucinated experience.

That said, the perceived "symbolic writing" remains interesting, from a psychological standpoint or, if you must, a remnant of an extraterrestrial culture.

Also, why has this element of the Hill story been suppressed by advocates of the alien abduction explanation for the Hill tale, Stanton Friedman among them?

Terry the Censor, we think, and we would like to know...