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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Three related UFO sightings: 1946, 1952, 1964 – then what?

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Jerry Clark (again), along with Lucius Farish, had a piece in the Fall 1974 issue of Saga’s UFO Report: The Ghost Rockets of 1946 [Page 24 ff.]


Within the article was a story by a notable Swedish industrialist, Gosta Carlsson.

Mr. Carlsson said that on an evening in May 1946, while out walking,  he “saw a light among the trees [which he thought, at first, was a fire started by someone]. “The light was coming from an open space in the forest a short distance away.”

When [he] reached the place, [he] saw “that in farthest end of the open ground there was a disc-shaped object with a cupola. The cupola seemed to be a cabin with oval windows. Above it there was a mast, almost like the periscope of a submarine. Beneath the disc there was a big oblong fin which stretched from the center to the edge of the underside. There were also two metal landing legs. A small ladder reached to the ground from a door beside the fin.

“The object was approximately 53 feet in diameter and 13 feet from top to bottom at the middle…
There were a lot of holes around the edge of the disc, like those of a turbine, and jet beams darted from the holes, which burned the grass when the object departed. [A] light came from the mast, [which] was about 17 feet in height…three antennae were suspended from its top. Lower down something like a lampshade was hanging. It was shining with a strange purple light which covered not only the whole object but also the ground a couple of feet beyond it. The light was flowing and pulsating from the ‘lampshade’ like water from a fountain. Where the light hit the ground I could see a sparkling effect.

“On the ground, beyond the area of the light, a man in white, closely fitting overalls was standing. He seemed to be some sort of guard. He raised his hand toward me: it was a gesture that could not be misunderstood, so I stopped…He was approximately as tall as I am…but he was thinner…

"There were others like him, but the strange thing was that nobody said a word…there were three men working at the window, and two more standing alongside. There were three women as well, and one more came out of the object later. On the far side there was another guard. In all I saw 11 persons.

“They all wore short black boots and gloves, a black belt around the waist, and a transparent helmet…They were all brown-colored, as if sunburned.

“….the guard had a black box on his chest…It looked like an old black camera. He turned it toward me and I thought he was going to take a picture of me, but nothing happened…

“It seemed as if the ‘cheese-dish cover’ of light stood like a wall between us…One of the women came out of the cabin with an object in her hand. She went to the edge of the wall of light and threw the object beyond the area of light….I heard her laugh.

(Carlsson later retrieved the object and in 1971 it was examined. It was composed of silicon and its shape had been changed by the witness….into a staff.)

Carlsson left the scene but returned later to see if he object was still there. He noticed a smell like “ozone following an electrical discharge.”

He had been gone about a half hour and returned “by a different route so that he could view the object from another angle, but before he had time to make a new approach, he suddenly observed a bright red light ascending into the air. The light was streaming out of the “turbine holes” of the craft, which had risen with a whining sound above the treetops. After reaching about 1,400 to 1,600 feet it slowed down…and “wobbled.” Then the red light grew rapidly brighter and turned purple just before the object flew away at a tremendous rate of speed.” [Page 27]

Six years later, as Antony Terry reported in The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed [1952, Fawcett Publications, Greenwich, Connecticut] and Jose Caravaca outlined in a recent post at his blog with us, 48 year-old ex-Mayor Oskar Linke, with is daughter, saw a weird contraption – “like a 50-ft warming pan without a handle, and with a 10-ft conning tower” [that] took off with a crew of two from a forest clearing in the Soviet zone [of Germany]. [Page 142, TMOWR]


Linke and his daughter were traveling home on his motorcycle which, when a tire blew, Leaving the motorcyle by a tree, they approached what they thought was a young deer about 150 yards away.

What they really saw  were two human-like figures, clothed in a kind of shimmering metallic substance; the figures bending down as if studying something on the ground.

“Worming [his] way to within 30 feet of them [and] Peering over a small ridge. [he] noticed a large object….about 40 to 50 feet across….It looked like [a] huge oval warming pan.

“There were two rows of holes along the sides, about a foot and a half apart.

“Out of the metallic object rose a black cylindrical ‘conning tower,’ about ten feet high.”


When his daughter called out to him, the figures “rushed back to the object, clambered rapidly up the side of the ‘conning tower’ and disappeared inside.”

One of the figures “appeared to be carrying a lamp on his chest. The lamp flashed on and off regularly.”

“The outer edge of the ‘warming pan,’ in which the holes were sunk, now glowed.

“The color at first seemed green, then changed to red. At the same time I heard a slight hum. As the glow and sound increased, the ‘conning tower’ [retracted] into the center of the ‘warming pan,’ and the whole object then rose slowly.

From the swirling effect of the glowing ‘exhaust’ I got the impression that the whole object was spinning like a top.

“It seemed to be resting on the cylindrical piece which had sunk through the center of the object and was now protruding from the bottom and standing on the ground.

“The ‘warming pan,’ with its glowing outside ring of flame was now some feet off the earth.”

The object emitted a whistling sound as it rose in a “horizontal position” swerving toward a nearby village, where others saw it, thinking it was a comet. [Page 143]


Herr Linke thought the object was an advanced craft from Russia.

In April 1964, Socorro, New Mexico Police Officer Lonnie Zamora saw an egg-shaped object in an arroyo, which had descended with a loud roar, and a conical shaped bluish-orange flame.

Outside the craft, he espied two pieces of white coverall clothed images, about four feet in size, which ufologists have assumed to be figures dressed in coveralls.

When the craft rose into the air, it emitted a loud noise and a blue flame.

Ronald Story, in his Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters [New American Library, 2001] on Page 557, tells that two witnesses to the Socorro sighting – Larry Kratzner and Pail Kies – saw the Socorro craft earlier than Officer Zamora, describing  a round saucer or egg-shaped object ascending vertically (from black smoke); the object had a row of four windows with a “red Z” on its side. “…the object leveled off and disappeared in the cloud of black smoke it was producing.”

The similarities between these sightings (among others in the time-frame) include the observation of “beings in white coveralls,” the colors of the (apparent) propulsion discharges during lift-off, and the physical description of the craft itself in the Carlsson and Linke sightings. not to mention the chest apparatus in those two accounts.

But what happened to such distinct sightings? They haven’t been replicated in our time, nor have they been explained by UFO researchers, except to indicate that the Socorro sighting was an ET visitation or hoax.

Pursuing these three events, now, is futile of course, and not amenable to a forensic denouement.

Such sightings provide marmoreal rigidity as far as UFO research goes, but still fascinate those of us with an interest in ufological footnotes…

Because the reality of UFOs lies in the lost details of such accounts.


A Confab of UFO Geezers

Michael Swords gathered a few UFO "notables" to his Kalamazoo place -- note the disarray -- for a beer session about UFOs.

Professor Swords provided this link at UFO UpDates:


While Swords is an erudite writer of UFO material,, I'm always suspicious of one's scholarly acumen when they end quoted sentences thus ...."flying saucer". instead of correctly as...."flying saucer."

It's a minor thing but attention to detail(s) is important in everything, even the study of UFOs.

Anyway, take a gander at the photos of the men in attendance to see how they's aged (especially Jerry Clark) and you'll know why I use the epithet "geezers" for these guys.

The gathering seems, from Swords account of it, to have been less that fruitful.

But as Gilles Fernandez puts it -- that's ufology.