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Monday, October 29, 2012

The usual disgusting UFO ass-kissing

Kevin Randle is running, at his blog, a Jerry Clark review of Scott Ramsey's book about the so-called Aztec incident (made famous or infamous by Frank Scully's 1950 book, Behind the Flying Saucers).

The comments have been generally supportive of Mr. Clark's deprecating review.

But this sycophantic comment sums up what makes UFOs and its supporters a laughing stock among normal people:

"David Halperin said...A typically brilliant (and brilliantly written) piece, by one of our most brilliant UFOlogists."

David Halperin

No exegesis by Mr. Halperin -- just a sickening imprimatur from one UFO geezer for another UFO geezer's attempt to dethrone a UFO researcher's extensive work about a controversial episode in the UFO canon.