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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mac Tonnies' Posthuman Blues: Paul Kimball's Tribute


Mac Tonnies, who died a few years ago, too early and too young -- he was in his thirties -- was a visionary and a sort of dystopian thinker.

He had a blog -- Posthuman Blues -- with which he provided imaginative and creative rumination. (I often visited it to see what a real mind was offering, about everything, including UFOs, which is our purview here.)

Philosophical film-maker and ufological bon vivant Paul Kimball was a friend of Mac Tonnies, his best friend I think.


As a legacy and tribute to Mac, Paul has edited and compiled some of (most of) Mac's bizarre but lucid blog offerings.

The book pictured above is Volume I in that undertaking, comprising the years 2003-2004.

I'll be inserting various portions of the book (and therefore blog) here, off and on, as they pertain to UFOs and related topics.

But I really suggest you get your hands on the book itself. It can be had at Mr. Kimball's publishing venue,


(and other booksellers also, online and off). It sells for $17.95 (paperback) and contains 360 pages of edifying and imaginative, inventive thinking.

Mr. Tonnies was (and is) a writer who should be read (and heard). He never fails to enthuse.

And Mr. Kimball should be lauded for his affectionate and dutiful tribute to his friend Mac.