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Sunday, November 11, 2012

UFOs and Oliver Sacks new book: Hallucinations


Oliver Sacks new book, Hallucinations, tells us, by inference, that some (many?) UFO events and sightings are hallucinatory.

A cursory reading so far indicates to me that some classic and iconic UFO cases were and are the result of an hallucinatory etiology:

Ken Arnold's 1947 sighting
Some Roswell witness accounts (post 1947)
The Betty/Barney Hill "abduction"
The Travis Walton "abduction"
The Pascagoula "abduction"

Ans others, which I will delineate further, upcoming, according to the precepts outlined in Dr. Sacks' opus.

Let me be clear, that some UFO accounts, such as Lonnie Zamora's Socorro sighting were not hallucinatory initially but ended up containing hallucinatory elements.

The resurrected Robert Taylor event in Scotland was fraught with hallucinatory aspects created by several contingent and/or confluent happenstances. It was not a UFO event.

Dr. Sacks' book is a must-read for those who want to be well-versed in the neurological possibilities for some UFO sightings -- not all, but some.

I know that many visitors here write that they will get or have read some of the material and books listed but, in fact, do not do so, as is evident by their commentary.

The ignorance of UFO mavens is palpable and shameful, but as French psychologist Gilles Fernandez often says, That's ufology.