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Friday, November 30, 2012

Teilhard de Chardin’s Metaphysics and UFOs

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Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, as cognoscenti know, was a scientific theologian whose views are intricately metaphysical.

And in them lie a possible explanation for the UFO phenomenon, as we’ve noted much earlier here and at our RRRGroup blog.

The complexity of Teilhard’s thought is vast and presenting a succinct or concise account of it here would be sacrilegious, not to mention daunting.

Teilhard, a Jesuit priest, imbued his “philosophy” with a heavy, intrinsic infusion of the divinity of Jesus/Christ.

One has to set that aside and concentrate on the macro-quantum aspects of Teihard’s conceived reality.

Teihard proposed that the Universe we live in is actually The Mystical Body of Christ; that is, the Universe is the “biological” body of Christ.

Frank Stalter, at his Facebook venue, recently provided a link from Space.com which predicated the idea that the Universe operates like a brain:

That idea is a shallow concept when placed alongside Teilhard’s extensive musings, in such books as The Divine Milieu, The Phenomenon of Man, and popularized in “Let Me Explain.”

Teilhard states that Jesus/Christ is not only the Omega Point of the Universe, to which we strive (or should) to arrive, but is the all-encompassing Universe itself.

The “elemental particles” of this Jesus/Christ Universe are intrinsic to the living being that is Jesus/Christ.

When, for example, an evil outbreak of humanity occurs (a Genghis Khan or an Adolf Hitler or even a lone murderer), this body of Jesus/Christ is afflicted, as if a virus or cancer has attacked it.

The “soul” of the divine being that is the Universe suffers the same pain, except immeasurably so, as a solitary human being suffers.

We, the Earth, and our Solar System are comparatively quantum in nature but still inflict various vicissitudes, some good and some bad, on the divine body – the Jesus/Christ Universe.

Let me propose that UFOs may be considered intrusions like white corpuscles, which attack or support the health of the divine body, or that portion of it that we make up.

In the transcendental arena of Teilhard’s Universe the living creatures, the atoms or sub-atomic particles (humans) may be likened to skin cells or antibodies of a kind.

UFO may be likened to viral onslaughts that have been benign, so far, but presage a possible infection. The nature of which has yet to be determined or discerned.

In the Perennial Library paperback [Harper & Row, NY, 1957, Page 112 ff.] The Divine Milieu Teihard’s Part Three, entitled as the book itself…..


…is a dense compendium of mystical musings intermingled with hard science and theological underpinnings.

God (in the nature of Jesus/Christ) is everywhere and a concrete reality, composed of dense matter [Page 115].

In Section Two: The Nature of the Divine Milieu The Universal Christ and The Great Communion, Teilhard asks [Page 122 ff.] “Under what form…does the divine immensity manifest itself to, and become relevant to mankind?”

“Under what form, and with what end in view, has the Creator given us…the gift of participated being?

“The action by which god maintains us in the field of his presence is a unitive transformation.”

We are assimilated “into the omnipresence of christification” [Page 123]

On Page 125 is this “At every moment the eucharistic Christ controls….the whole movement of  the universe.”

“Across the immensity of time and the disconcerting multiplicity of individuals, one single operation is taking place: the annexation to Christ of his chosen; one single thing is being made: the mystical body of Christ…Hoc est corpus meum.” [Page 143]

Christ-Omega is defined in Let Me Explain [Harper & Row, NY, 1966]: Page 98 ff.


In The Phenomenon of Man [Harper Torchbooks, Harper & Row, NY] Page 81, Chapter One, Section A, Micro-organisms and Mega-molecules Teilhard’s discussion(s) of cellular life leads to the advent of man and his ultimate morphology.


The Psychogenesis of mankind is intrinsic to a validation, philosophically, of our existence as part of the mystical (the physical) body of Christ, as elaborated upon in The Divine Milieu.

I can’t do justice to Teilhard’s thought, so I suggest those of you with a metaphysical bent immerse yourself in his writings.

That we, UFOs included, are part of a cohesive existence that is tangible and real while transcendental in ways that boggle the mind could be helpful in determining what UFOs are, even if they, in the context, are only viral in nature.