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Thursday, December 27, 2012

UFOs: What’s the signal and what’s the noise?

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Turner Classic Movies, recently, aired The Song of Bernadette, the story of the young girl who was visited by the vision (perhaps the Blessed Virgin Mary) at Lourdes which established the miracle spring that is aid to cure illnesses and disease.

That event – the presumed visitation by Mary, the mother of Jesus/Christ – followed by the alleged visions of Mary at Fatima was preceded by a slew of visions and appearances by supposed divine entities earlier in human history.


From time immemorial mankind has been subject to either quasi-psychotic hallucinations or intrusions into human reality by entities from another reality.

The story of the Saints is replete with visions and voices, considered by The Church (of Rome) to be authentic contact by holy beings.

Joan of Arc had visions, Moses was confronted by a burning bush, Muhammed heard voices, Joseph Smith was visited by an angel.


Jesus mother had an angelic visitation which affected her son, causing him to either hallucinate visions and sounds later in life or he, like she, actually was contacted by ethereal beings he thought was God or God’s angels.

Saint Paul had a grand psychotic episode on the road to Damascus, Ezekiel saw a divine entity in a chariot, Elias [Elijah] went up to heaven in a fiery chariot, as did Enoch [Enos] before him.


While some religious cults were started by such experiences or co-opted the instances, the manifestations were so bizarre and extraordinary that their intrinsic meaning was layered by errant human explanations and exploitations,

Did transcendental beings actually make contact with certain human beings? Or did some human beings have psychotic episodes that were painted as divine interventions, for lack of a not-yet-understood psychiatric etiology?

Paul Kimball and his friend Mac Tonnies, along with Jacques Vallee and a few other persons feel that humankind may be the brunt of contact by forces or entities trying to relay a message – a message that we are to dull to perceive correctly.

This is the same as that in he religious sphere. The divinities have proscribed behavior and messages that have been thwarted or perverted by humans.

The AmerIndian myths, the Hindu, Mayan, Aztec, Olmec, Buddhist, Sikh, Shinto have created theologies that are not only abstruse but ill-defined as precepts for human conduct.


So, let’s assume that from the religious haze that had gone before, entities or beings (ethereal or not) tried a new approach.

Since human beings have primarily thought that divinities came down from the heavens, the beings hoping to get our attention instigated appearances of flying machines, sometimes with entities aboard, to get our attention once more as happened in the formative years of mankind’s evolution.

The modern appearances of the heavenly machines or message-intended artifacts came as airships – the 1890s airships of UFO lore.


But in the absence of any cognitive resonance by those who saw or interacted with the airships, the aerial constructs went on to become flying disks or cigar shaped craft, and today they show up as triangular objects flying above, all without the kind of verbal or visual contact that occurred in the heady days of the Hebrews and other Middle East tribes.

What does this tell us?

That the messengers are incompetent, not able to conceive a cogent message that we can understand, or they are playful, even devious creations out to have fun with humankind, as they’ve been doing for all of man’s history (and prehistory): the Vallee thesis.

I get the impression that Mac Tonnies – and Paul Kimball will correct me if I’m wrong – felt the “others” were not being obtuse but proffering important messaging that we humans are still too stupid to understand – Tonnies’ Post-Human Blues as it were.

UFOs and other ethereal, evanescent beings and appearances have a meaning that is profound but we just don’t get it.

We can nail the physical aspects provided by the “others” as Paul Trent did with his now (in)famous photographs or the Hills encountered and reported eventually.

But we can’t fathom the meaning, yet, of these visitations.

The prophets of old made a stab at meaning but muddled the already muddled message.


Some contactees, as Nick Redfern understands it, also received actual messages from the “others” but these too became warped by human interpretation or, as I see it, the inherent madness (insanity) of the messages or the entities providing them – exampled by Jose Caravaca’s Distortion Theory and thoroughly exampled by him.

Yes, there is a message in the UFO phenomenon, but is it a sensible message or a devious ploy? Or is it just an imposed hallucinatory phenomenon telling us something worthwhile but still obscure.

Or is it the psychotic manifestation of an Evil omnipotence and His/Its minions toying with a creation (human beings) which evokes jealousy in this Jungian/Gnostic God who can’t create things as beautiful as that created by mankind: art, music, architecture, literature, even iPads, tablets, computers, and other things mundane but out of creative ability for this malevolent God.


Are UFOs a vibrant distraction to keep man on edge, unable to create beautiful things while contemplating this ornery phenomenon?

Or are UFOs a message that we need but can’t grasp and haven’t grasped since way back when?

You tell me…