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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jose Caravaca's 1968 UFO Distortion Event


Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca has provided, at his blog site with us, a 1968 Brazilian event that supports his Theory of Distortion (regarding UFO encounters).

Click HERE to read about that 1968 encounter.


  • I don't understand the need for external agency since "distortion" seems a commonplace. The brain 'glosses' the presenting reality (what is there) with what it has already seen (what it knows). If the input is undecipherable through what is known, the brain may present a 'kludge' of approximations (consider dreams), or presses the panic button.

    What is the evidence for external agency? My guess is I am missing something significant that is not accounted for by the above.



    By Blogger Don, at Monday, January 14, 2013  

  • Don:

    Senor Caravaca presents a thesis that has at its core something or someone that causes this events.

    Vallee has a similar thesis. I think Nick Redfern does too.

    It's something called the "others."

    I see a psychopathology in such encounters -- hallucinatory machinations.

    Jose disagrees to some extent, insisting that there is an "external agent" at work -- a thing that can be either a real entity or, if I understand him correctly, could be a psychological mechanism that mimics an entity but is lifeless in essence.

    It's confusing, I know.

    Jose's "external agent" is archetypal I believe....following the Jungian parameters which make the agent an active operative, but not a living entity as we might understand it.

    This is a bugaboo issue between Jose and me....sort of.

    I'm for a mind-set for his witnesses; he's sees them -- the witresses -- as recipients of a drama instigated by something outside them.

    I an hopeful he will clarify this more specifically, as I am presenting his view(s) a little weakly I think.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, January 14, 2013  

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