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Sunday, April 21, 2013

New UFO Magazine



UFO TODAY will be edited by veteran British ufologist Philip Mantle. With regular columnists and contributors from around the world UFO TODAY aims to cover any and all aspects of the UFO enigma. Just when the skeptics had told you that UFOs were dead UFO TODAY will show them just how wrong they were. UFO TODAY will also cover the latest UFO news, views and reviews.

UFO TODAY is the newest UFO Magazine that takes a modern, informative, entertaining and interesting look at all aspects of the UFO enigma

From alien investigations to brand new UFO cases mixed with in-depth features on classic UFO sighting and interviews with UFO experts and witnesses.

Discussion and debate from all side of the UFO argument, even the skeptics get their say.

The new fresh modern UFO Magazine that takes a look at the past, the present and the future aspects of the UFO enigma - UFO TODAY - The magazine that is literally "out of this world"

Featured Columnists: Some names you will know some you may not.

Kevin Randle, John Hanson, Chris Aubeck, Patricia Cori, Kevin Goodman, Rebecca Lomas, Nick Pope, Robbie Graham & Thiago Ticchetti.

If you have any interest in ufology then UFO TODAY could well be just exactly what you are looking for. More information will be available soon but in the meantime if you would like to know more, or perhaps you are interested in contributing, then please contact Philip Mantle via email at: philip.mantle@gmail.com



  • R-squared:

    ..it is SO good to read that the poor and ignored "Cassandra" of Roswell Research, British Sargeant Major Randle, has FINALLY found a platform to begin releasing his flawless research to the unsuspecting public!!!!

    By Blogger Kurt Peters, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • KP:

    You and others, to be objective, have got to give Kevin Randle props for putting himself and his ideas and writings out there; he lays his views out and allows others to criticize them or laud them at his blog.

    Pretty gutsy.

    We (me mostly) moderate comments and when an ass gets snarky, we censor or censure them here.

    Mr. Randle lets bad-mouthers have their say.

    He even allows some pseudo-researchers to take over his comment section now and then.

    Moreover. he (Randle) has a long-time record of UFO "research" and reporting.

    That record, when found to be wrong or errant, is noted by him, upfront, without excuses or alibis.

    You gotta give the guy something for that.

    My only complaint -- the only one -- is that he is too lenient with UFO quidnuncs.

    Letting them have a venue for their mostly ignorant dreck is wrong-headed as I see it, confusing issues and taking the UFO topic into areas that are irrelevant or just plain wacky.

    That aside, you should consider nailing those goof-asses who sneak in to Mr. Randle's blog and muck it up with their psychotic and juvenile comments.

    You can find an example in his most recent posting, the one where we chastise CDA for encouraging one of the UFO community's most devious creeps....a person we won't even allow to send us anything, blocking all things he proffers.

    So try to cut Mr. Randle some slack.

    Critique some of the views but not the man offering those views.

    Randle isn't Evil incarnate. He's just a guy enamored of the UFO mystery like the rest of us, but a guy who has actual cachet, which most of the rest of us lack.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • I agree about Kevin. He is too pro-ET as far as Roswell is concerned but certainly shows restraint regarding other UFO cases and is an anti-abductionist in general.

    We shall have to see how the new on-line magazine works out. I expect an awful lot of old stuff will be rehashed. I don't like the "Deadgood Publishing" title (!) but let's see what emanates from it before pronouncing judgment.

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • I don't care for either the logo or the name as it reiterates the age old stereotyping of the phenomenon and looking at the episodic and familiar names in the cast of characters fits hand in glove with my own low expectations in the content. However..maybe we will be surprised by not having to watch a rerun of creaking old crap. A change of pace?
    I will wait for a review of this venture before I get let down again which means exposure that simply reinforces my low opinion of the so called "experts"
    Once burned, twice shy.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • I'm a little more optimistic, Bruce....but that's because Philip asked me to contribute something.

    (He knows who the real UFO experts are it seems....I kid.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • I look forward to your knocking over the china cabinet.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • Hahahaha....I think.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • Someone referred to you as R-squared. But RRRgroup implies R-cubed. Which is it?

    [note my subtle change of topic]

    By Blogger cda, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • (Change noted -- and expected, Christopher.)

    Our friend Kurt refers to R squared when I leave something here. R cubed is for the general group of people who put stuff here under the sobriquet RRRGroup: Tony, Jose,, or my sons, Richard and Josh, et al.)


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

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