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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ray Beaming UFOs [Redux]

The following colloquy comes about because Netwing was unable to comment (for some reason) at the blog, and the beaming UFOs posting of the other day.

I thought the video was important and what Netwing had to say about the person who provided it via YouTube.

Have you viewed what may be the most notorious, contemporary beam-spewing UFO video on YouTube?  The popular interpretation is that the underlying terrain is being analyzed, or perhaps mapped.

What's the point?

If there's purpose behind any of these manifestations, it may be simply to capture the observer's attention.  Of late, there appears to be a bit of posturing by some of these objects.  "Dress up" as allurement for jaded witnesses.

I enjoy your blog very much.  Less so, Mr. Duensing's convoluted comments.

Hi ho


Fascinating and the asides during the video are hilarious.

It's a great UFO beaming video.

Can you add the link and what you said in your e-mail as a comment at the blog, for others to enjoy?


Thanks for taking time to view the video, and for your response.

Alison’s a funny and very driven citizen researcher who’s spent thousands she could ill afford to part with on equipment used to document the activity of plasma-orb-to-fake-plane UFOs in her local hotspot.  She’d uploaded nearly 200 videos to her other, main YouTube channel before it was hacked into and all the videos removed.  Orb UFOs are seen arriving, resting in foliage at ground level, transforming into airborne craft, landing, and departing.  A few of her best videos have been lost, others not re-uploaded.

The point, for her, has been to entice someone, anyone with scientific expertise, to come to Murrysville to make a serious study of the UFO activity taking place there.  No luck so far.

Sadly, because her expensive equipment has been falling into disrepair, she seldom posts videos at this time.  Instead, she encourages other witnesses to file MUFON reports, and shares videos of their sightings.

I don’t have a Google account to allow me to comment on your posts.  Feel free to share the link to Alison’s beamer with your readers if you like.

Every warm wish,



  • Personally, I don't see anything in the video that is inconsistent with the interpretation that this is a conventional aircraft carrying a pulsed laser. The fact that it is photographed through an amplified imager of some sort causes image "blooming" that smears out the actual shape of the parent object ("UFO"), so it's not really possible to conclude anything about the shape of it. The parent object seems to be moving at a constant speed, direction, and altitude throughout the episode. This is highly suggestive of wing borne flight. Secondly, the pulsing associated with the parent object itself and the "laser" beam seem coordinated and evenly spaced.

    The speculation that it is mapping the underlying terrain is a reasonable one. Pulsed lasers are often used on spacecraft and aircraft to create digital terrain maps of the underlying planetary surface. (Google, for example Mars Orbiting Laser Altimeter, or MOLA).

    A lot of different companies and laboratories are working on this technology throughout the nation and elsewhere. Has anyone checked to see whether the sighting was in or over a military operations area, for example?

    By Blogger Larry, at Saturday, April 20, 2013  

  • It would be helpful, Larry, if Netwing might tell us the location of the videographer.

    I imagine that if the pulses are coming from military aircraft, such events are rare, and UFO pulses even rarer.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 20, 2013  

  • Larry,

    I remember too IR cameras are affected by humidity (when 60% or above) and its creates "artefacts". The beam is correlated with the pulse rythm of the craft, that's why I say it...

    Dunno how it was the 10 october 2009 near Pittsburg (in Murrysville, Pennsylvania?) concerning the humidity...

    Another detail important imho is to know if Miss Kruze have the window open or not (I suppose not). Again, humidity on the glass, could create such artefacts known to affect IR camera when humdity present...

    That's just a "pist".



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Saturday, April 20, 2013  

  • Re,
    "Sébastien" of our forum is sharing with "me" the hypothesis of a numerical IR camera "artefact" (blooming or bleeding one of some sort - see previous post about beam and Kentaro Mori comment in this blog -, of the captors, or something due to humidity).
    He provided us this capture:
    You see that the "beam" is only "fore" the tree when the X (airplane imho) is "behind" the tree...
    It sounds/smells like a numerical artefact.
    If we "find" more, will share.



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Saturday, April 20, 2013  

  • Gilles Fernandez said...
    "... I remember too IR cameras are affected by humidity (when 60% or above) and its creates "artefacts". The beam is correlated with the pulse ... of the craft..."

    Exactly. The humidity refers to the state of the atmosphere surrounding the source--in this case, the airplane/UFO/whatever-it-is.

    The source is obviously pulsing, IN ADDITION TO, the laser pulses. My conjecture is that there is an FAA-standard anti-collision strobe on the bottom of the source. What's happening is that the light from the strobe is scattering off the humidity (and possibly suspended water droplets) in a spherical volume of air surrounding the source, creating a penumbra. At the instant the strobe reaches its peak intensity, the apparent size of the pulse is basically the size of the penumbra.

    Further: "I imagine that if the pulses are coming from military aircraft, such events are rare..."

    Well, not necessarily. Traditionally, altimetry and terrain countour mapping from aircraft platforms has been done with radar and microwave frequencies, which would not create a visible signature. Within the last decade or so, there has been a gradual encroachment of lasers into the applications traditionally occupied by RF devices. So, I would expect to see more and more of this kind of signature, as time goes by.

    One thing to consider, however, is how much power is actually being radiated by the laser. I would have to think that there are regulations imposed by some government organization or other that limit the power of lasers that can be beamed from the air to the ground, over civilian airspace. It would certainly have to be a low enough limit so as not to cause blindness, if someone on the ground happened to be looking up at it.

    If it were possible to estimate the distance from the camera to the UFO, it might be possible to estimate the power level of the laser beam. If it came out in the milliwatt range, that would be entirely consistent with a laser altimeter. If it came out in the kilowatt range, then that would be an entirely different kettle of fish...

    By Blogger Larry, at Saturday, April 20, 2013  

  • Gilles also said: "...It sounds/smells like a numerical artefact."

    I agree that something looks a little strange about the "laser beam" image when it goes in and out between the gaps in the trees.

    However, if it were an artifact caused simply by some lines of pixels in the camera detector becoming saturated and "bleeding" into adjacent pixels, wouldn't you expect the "laser beam" to be aligned either vertically or horizontally (i.e., with the direction of the pixel mask in the detector)?

    Have you looked at the hypothesis of an internal reflection in the camera?

    By Blogger Larry, at Saturday, April 20, 2013  

  • Larry & Gilles,

    You may want to check out http://mintaka.sdsu.edu/GF/observing/artifacts.html

    Specifically, the 2nd picture.

    By Blogger Parakletos, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • TY Parakletos for the link,

    Yes, I consulted too this link yesterday searching about camera artefacts, whith one our best friend, Google.
    Dunno if it is an artefact due to a particular diffusion of the anti-collision light of an aircraft, due to particular humidity conditions (or something like this), or a "mapping laser beam" or pulsed laser carried, as Larry expressed, among the possible prosaïc hypothesis.

    I saw other videos from Miss Kruse. How to say? I hypothezed from the few ones I saw it only was celestial objects, as many other candidats (conventional ones), suprising "Lambda" people...
    It could be great in the future she notes azimut, angular alt, etc. in order people can verify several possible candidats, because no many informations regarding what I consulted in her YouTube account :(



    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • This is information from Netwing about videographer's locale and modus:

    Thank you, Rich!

    It was so generous of you to expose Alison's work to your learned and analytical readers. That definitely meets with my approval. It's interesting to read the comments...

    Just to clarify for you (since I'm not convinced many others will be particularly interested) Alison's home lies roughly 20 miles east of Pittsburgh where the closest military are based. She's also located 2 miles east of a small regional airport, with a short runway & beacon, utilized at night solely by Life Flight helicopters. Small fixed wing aircraft can use the airport only during daylight hours.

    Helicopters, commercial, & military aircraft Alison has filmed for comparison are really noisy, the UFOs silent, or nearly so. Real planes fly much higher. When they're not skimming treetops, the UFOs generally fly at between 100 and 500 feet. They start out as very small orbs invisible to the naked eye, grow larger until they eventually radiate visible light, although a camera flash will illuminate them earlier. There are color photos of one basketball-sized orb Alison caught lurking around the IR surveillance camera affixed to her roof, and IR videos of the very small ones doing the same. If they were people, I'd say they seemed inquisitive. When fully lighted and totally visible in flight, they range from compact car to school bus size. To the binocular-aided eye, they can present as planes, triangular craft, saucers, whatever. They change their shapes and lighting patterns continuously. When flying low overhead the faint sound of a plane engine or jet can sometimes be heard.

    Alison uses Flight Aware online to verify that no ordinary aircraft are present where she's filming. She's also obtained official FAA reports to rule out this possibility from time to time.

    The terrain is hilly, largely wooded, sparsely populated. There's a golf course just over a ridge from Alison's house where she and several witnesses filmed intermediate sized orbs at close range, in the pulsing, resting stage prior to their metamorphosis into the plane-like objects. Those videos are creepy. Directing a laser beam at them as they slowly rise up through the woods toward power-up and flight agitates them, causes them to radiate more energy and distance themselves if they can.

    I find them surpassingly strange.

    If you're intrigued by the activity in Murrysville, there are some exceptional color videos on both of Alison's YouTube channels--seeing UFOsPA and MOREseeingUFOsPA.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • One possible test would be simple enough and that is to attempt to match the interval of the pulsations to that of conventional craft. One of the missteps is in the title that identifies this effect as a laser beam, which is simply match guessing or referential as similar to.
    Another test would be the correlation of luminosity to energy which has been done particularly by Vallee some time ago and was published. If the energy potential is greater than that of winged craft, while supplying no direct question, it may go further in adding a polarized lens or spectrographic wavelength recording devices. It is fair to say this is a atmospheric anomaly that is unidentified.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • Re,

    "ElevenAugust" gived a feedback too in our French forum*. He replied that's for him a saturation effect of the same kind of the "blooming effect" as we "guessed".
    Better, it seems he have similar examples in his DataBase concerning IR cameras... :)
    As it exists a direct relation between the light intensity of the source and the creation of this light beam (a numerical effect then).

    Not at home actualy, he told me he will provide "speacking examples" not before wednesday. I will post them here or/and you can consult our forum before (but dunno if the pictures are available or not registered members).

    * http://ufo-scepticisme.forumactif.com/t3855-une-video-d-alison-kruse

    Best Regards,


    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • BTW..Another suggestion simple enough to do is to suspend reference points or stakes ( poles)that would serve as measuring references to calculate velocity and then match the velocity to the averaged velocity of various conventional craft in the local environment. The video is without parameters and more parameters in the future would be helpful.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • Somewhat related..interesting, if anything from the standpoint of both science fiction as well as previous UAP sightings of a similar nature being odd bellwethers always one step of terrestrial events, thus making them all the more obscured in origin as technology seems, more often than not, to follow suit.


    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • Bruce Duensing "One possible test would be simple enough and that is to attempt to match the interval of the pulsations to that of conventional craft."

    To me at least that's a really good idea Bruce.

    Wouldn't it be possible to create a library of known pulsations/flying objects etc at known speeds at known distances with different types of cams at different settings?

    If nothing else it might make it easier to eliminate known flying objects and therefore distinguish true UFOs but variations in pixel behaviour under those different circumstances and settings etc might constitute something like the beginnings of a crude finger print system when size of object distance speed and even type of cam used're disputed.

    By Blogger alanborky, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • This from our friend Christian Mace:

    Hi, dear friend

    Very nice your new article on your blog about ufo with beam on you tube !

    Here's my article about ufos with broken lights :


    All the best !

    Christian Macé
    At Cogolin, near Saint-Tropez, in French Riviera

    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • A few years ago I was actively following Alison's youtube channel. Once she was hacked into, she created a backup channel but the hackers seem to accomplish what they indended - to ruffle her so much that she didn't put that many videos up after that.

    I also remember noting how utterly viscious many commentators to her videos and to her, as a person, were. Obviously they didn't watch the videos thoroughly and lobbed the same tired debunking ad hominems. I sensed, by the sheer numbers of relentless negative personalized comments, that there was some sort of official debunking/character assasination campaign going on against Alison.

    I remember seeing orbs descending straight down from objects in the sky, on some of Alision's videos. Also orbs and objects ascending from the ground. And there were videos of what appeared to be planes that indeed seem to morph into something other - which weren't planes just changing positions where you might become confused at what you were looking at. [I live in the flight paths of Bradley International Airport (Windsor Locks,CT), Westover Air Reserve Base (Chicopee,MA) and Barnes Airport(Westfield,MA) so I'm quite aware of the nightime appearances of various planes and helicopters. I've never seen anything that Alison has captured on her videos. Something weird is going on in Murraysville, PA. imo.

    There were also people in her vicinity who captured similar objects on film - one a retired sheriff if I'm recalling correctly.

    It seems the major players in ufology concentrate, ad nauseum on certain 'superstar' subjects like Roswell (which I do not think was an ET crash, but a balloon),... Travis Walton's 5 day abduction that's now re-entered ufology as Walton has hit the conference circuit to make moolah once again ( I think Walton's story was a hoax),...and Greer going on about finding alien ittie-bittie-babies and 'Disclosure' blah blah.

    Potentially right in ones own backyard are far more interesting ufo happenings than the re-tread bunko stories we're fed by so-called experts in the field of ufology (who're just making money off of fools who'll buy their books and/or attending their conference appearances).

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Sunday, April 21, 2013  

  • If I was forced into guessing, my best guess would be the night testing of laser targeting from a conventional winged craft although the weapons portion is not due to begin until 2014. This would be very similar to "painting a target" and of course the greatest challenge would be in a night operation. And of course, the USAF has a bad track record for doing such things off designated ranges, which also has been cause in a number of incidents that flare drops etc were mistaken for unidentified aerial phenomenon.
    In my own personal opinion too much time is spent on fables and not enough in the field and this is a good example. Without parameters, this "UFO" is simply consigned to a footnote.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • Footnotes, Bruce, are usually where the most valuable information is found.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • In this case, the value is yet to be determined as to this one but I hope against hope, there are some investigative measurements done as in the golden age, but for many, simply a Youtube video will suffice, labelled with a suggestive title. It is interesting nonetheless and for some unknown reason I still have an open mind, hoping to be surprised.

    By Blogger Bruce Duensing, at Monday, April 22, 2013  

  • Re,

    As promised, ElevenAugust provided me one similar example of such numerical effect concerning IR Camera (TY so much to him and his diligence).

    See this capture from an IR camera with similar "beam"

    Compare with what Alison obtained :

    It is, in each case, probably a saturation effect of the captor due to a too much intense light for it, as postulated in our previous replies.
    What it is interresting is that the angle of the "beam" is 100% matching between the two captures, as you can judge yourself with the following superposition of the two:


    As Parakletos pointed too, it is a similar effect/artefact like the day "beam":


    Regards and TY again to ElevenAugust feed-backs and samples,


    By Blogger Gilles Fernandez, at Thursday, April 25, 2013  

  • > the location of the videographer

    Good God, I can't believe Alison Kruse is getting play with serious UFO buffs! Please stop.

    The videographer is Alison Kruse and she lives in Murrysville, PA, a town surrounded by several airports of varying sizes (check it out on Google Maps).

    Netwing has uncritically repeated Kruse's made up "facts" and hallucinatory arguments about how the crafts could not be planes or helicopters. Perhaps that i sbecause it's all you'll find on her channel: if someone factchecks her claims or unwinds her logic, she deletes those comments and bans that commentor from her channel (I can personally attest to this).

    Kruse's neighbour did something YouTube UFO posters never do: he sought out the source of the objects. Here is his report, which thoroughly demolishes Kruse's delusional assertions:


    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Saturday, June 15, 2013  

  • Good God, Terry the Censor is still stalking Ms. Kruse around the web to post about her everywhere her name is mentioned. Not only does that video not have any proof of being filmed near her, but since I do live in that area, I can say for a fact that it was not filmed here in Murrysville area. Many eyewitnesses to what she filmed are heard in the videos, including police. And she has radar reports as backup evidence of these things which I've seen myself here, are not planes or helicopters. Terry, do you get paid to follow her around to attempt to smear her or are you just infatuated with Ms. Kruse?

    By Blogger Paul Stamm, at Saturday, December 28, 2013  

  • Hi Paul, I just auto-received your post above. I'd appreciate it if you could link to Alison Kruse's latest youtube channel? I had been subscribing to her years ago but her original channel and the backup were hacked. Not surprising considering the (imo) disturbed debunkers who spammed her channels with such personal vitriol.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Saturday, December 28, 2013  

  • The people who have nothing to say but bad things about Alison Kruse can't handle the truth or do not want you to know the truth or are idiots or all of the above!I know because I have been to the hot spot my self and recorded balls of light many call orbs with a high end Sony handy cam and a Yukon night ranger many times. They are real, they do exist, Alison has been calling for REAL scientific research to be done with no takers because it's people with the guts like hers to demand the truth. It's not the question if "they" exist, the question is now "what are they".

    By Blogger hurtken, at Saturday, December 28, 2013  

  • I'm a 30 year Ufo field researcher and director of the longest running east coast Ufo conference. I've been up with Alison many times.I've put in alot of field hours in all across the country and Europe. I've got great optics and she has an active area. These are not airplanes. The August filming had a house owner pissing himself because because if the big red orb hovering ROOFTOP level over his house.

    By Blogger ufojunkiedavid, at Saturday, December 28, 2013  

  • Stalking? Paul, I haven't commented on Kruse's videos for a very long time. I had to stop my exposure to her lunacy -- I was in danger of contracting tinfoil poisoning.

    Unfortunately, I am not paid to comment. It's pure selfless masochism on my part, I'm afraid.

    Say what you like, it's a stubborn fact that Kruse is nested within a network of airports.


    By Blogger Terry the Censor, at Saturday, December 28, 2013  

  • It really doesn't matter how much proof is given to those who wish not to believe. To each his own I guess. Peace out.

    By Blogger Rhonda ufo, at Sunday, December 29, 2013  

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