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Friday, June 21, 2013

Carl Sagan on the Betty/Barney Hill incident and UFOs generally

Carl Sagan represented and represents, for me, an exquisite example of how to look at the UFO phenomenon (and science too).

I've uploaded, to YouTube, his Cosmos segment on the Betty/Barney Hill 1961 UFO (alleged) abduction (in three parts).

(Included is his statement about "extraordinary claims..." so you can hear it correctly.)

Part One:


Part Two:


Part Three:




  • I just watched the 3 pt. series. Wow, it's been a long time since I viewed that propaganda --last on tv ages ago.

    Couldn't help but note Sagan's deception with the raining scene of the Hills traveling on the night of their alleged abduction. Betty Hill (and others) have pointed out there was no rain and she couldn't understand why Sagan created bad weather circumstances in his debunking tv program that never happened.

    IMO, Sagan was a pot-addled shill for the government. To note how viscious and relentless he was, just revisit his guest spot on the Dick Cavett Show where he (and elitist Cavett) personally attacked Calvin Hickson (alleged Pascagoula abduction)calling him a liar as he was sitting across from Hickson (who remained a gentleman, in contrast to the disrespectful, smirks, guffahs and chides of Sagan & Cavett).

    Carl Sagan was no J. Allen Hynek.

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Friday, June 21, 2013  

  • Susan:

    I recall that Cavett show but don't remember it as vicious as you do,

    It must be on YouTube (or we have it on tape here).

    I remember that Hickson seemed authentic to me, and I have always thought he and Parker had experienced something odd or exotic.

    (Like Travis Walton, had they, possibly, indulged in drugs or alcohol? Or did they really have a paranormal or alien visitation?)

    Sagan was the archetypal skeptic; CDA and Gilles Fernandez mimic his style.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, June 21, 2013  

  • LOL, well I won't comment about CDA or Gilles.

    As far as the Travis Walton alleged abduction. When I first read of the incident, I believed him. I was young and naive. I thought everyone was telling the truth about their encounters based on my own experience. However, years later I changed my mind and came to think Walton, his brother Duane and Mike Rogers probably hoaxed it.

    Karl Pflock presented a hoax scenario that would have been much easier to pull off than the Phil Klass one (which was overkill, requiring all of logging crew to be in on it). Under Pflock's general idea the rest of the crew were hoaxed thus most passed the lie-detector tests believing they were seeing a ufo (when it was likely an adapted deer-hunting platform w/lights rigged on it). The logging crew had been psychological primed with work-day ufo talk from Walton....(the Walton family were bigtime ufo buffs and made claims of multiple sightings before this alleged abduction occured). And, Mike Rogers was in charge of the crew - the boss and the driver of the truck. He gassed it, sped away and gave sufficient time for Walton and his brother to take down all remaining paraphernalia that had to do with the hoax, before returning to the spot.

    Interesting too, how Walton left the UFO arena after writing his book many years ago. He said he'd never return. Yet, a few years ago, he's back at it making money on the UFO circuit as one of the A-listers of Ufology. And I've interacted with a few people on Facebook regarding one of his sons using Walton's cache in Ufology to sign people up into a pyramid-type sellers scheme from his Facebook page. Thoroughly distasteful behavior. Ugh...

    ~ Susan

    By Blogger brownie, at Saturday, June 22, 2013  

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