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Monday, June 17, 2013

Gilles Fernandez -- Adieu!

Prominent French UFO skeptic and our friend Gilles Fernandez has decided to read but no longer post comments to this blog.


This, after my Navy post where I mentioned Roswell, tangentially to the topic, which offended Gilles as he told me in a Facebook message.

When I asked him if he was departing because I had referenced Roswell, he replied:

“No, it is concerning some "bad faith" attitude I have enough now, to point me as an idiot.

Of course, your last posting pointed in the 11th§ or was alluding your Roswell/Aztec connection, and a crash. Your comment "show me (and others) where I make the case for a Roswell ET crash, or any kind of crash", mainly the "or any kind of crash", was "the last straw" or "the straw that broke the camel's back" as English have as idiomatic expressio, I think.”

You see, I had protested that I hadn’t mentioned the Roswell Dream Team or my Aztec and Roswell connection, but he found it somewhere in my Roswell sentence about Mac Brazel.

That I called him out, asking him to point to where I had mentioned a crash, or the DT, or Aztec, he was personally and intellectually offended.

He has been offended before, many times, by my commentary, as he sees me not as a skeptic but a person leaning toward the ETH when it comes to Roswell.

Discerning readers here know otherwise.

I, and many of you also I surmise, will miss Gilles’ comic relief. He usually provided an askew view of ufology and its practitioners.

So we bid Gilles an adieu, and will miss his fractured English but valuable insights.



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